The Surprising New Ways to Wear Denim This Fall

By Jenn Rose Smith

If you knew how much we talk about jeans in this office, you’d think we were nuts. But between the skinny leg, the boyfriend jean, the bootcut and the “wedgie”, there are a lot of important decisions to make these days. Gone are the days when only one jean silhouette was considered current and acceptable — it seems we’ve finally reached denim utopia, where every person is free to wear whatever cut and wash suits her best. We’re always on the hunt for the best new denim, so our team was super stoked when we were invited to the opening of the new PAIGE store in Austin. Even better, we got to meet founder Paige Adams-Geller herself and pick her brain about the freshest new ways to wear denim this fall:

We’re SO excited to get back into a good pair of jeans for fall. What are some of the freshest ways to wear denim this season?

Paige: For me it’s all about texture this season. There’s nothing cooler than a burnout velvet wrap top such as the Jenna or velvet jacket paired with a high rise straight leg denim. I also think a sexy tank or button down in satin silk is a fresh look paired with our signature vintage denim.

When it comes to cut, it almost seems like we’re in an era of “anything goes” right now when it comes to denim. High waisted, skinny leg, boyfriend, boot cut, crop… there are endless options available. Where should we start when figuring out which cut will suit our bodies and our wardrobes the best?

Paige: I think it starts with what you want the end use to be. If you are looking for something rock and roll then the Verdugo skinny still fits the profile. If you want a casual vibe, a relaxed boyfriend works. For the cool girl look our Jacqueline high rise straight leg is most on trend.  And the wide leg flare is making a strong comeback. You really can’t go wrong. The most important thing is that you feel good in what you are wearing and work with the proportions of your body. I recommend bringing complete outfits and shoes/booties into the fitting room to try on looks from head to toe to get the best feel for what you want and for what works for your body.

Outside of denim, what other fabrics and colors are you loving this season?

Paige: I have an obsession with velvet… in every color! A few favorite colors are black cherry, juniper, blush and black. Velvet shoes, boots… velvet trims and velvet details. Something about velvet feels edgy and feminine all at the same time. Leather is always a go-to of mine. This year it’s nice to update your wardrobe with high rise leather pants or straighter leg silhouettes. If you can’t afford leather you can opt for coated denim to get the sheen and texture.

The corset belt seems like it’s going to be the accessory of the season, but it’s an intimidating piece to wear. Any tips for styling a corseted look that isn’t full-blown ren fair?

Paige: I love styling a corset belt over dresses. Our Rosalie corset belt looks cool with an oversized menswear shirt or blazer, which is super flattering for curves.

For menswear, what are you most excited about for fall?

Paige: We have velvet for men too! I’m also excited about the Vintage TRANSCEND washes. So comfortable with the blend of vintage worn in and the modern fit technology of the TRANSCEND fabric.

If you could only invest in only one statement piece for this fall, what would it be and why?

Paige: That’s tough! I would invest in a velvet moto jacket, long duster or blazer that can be worn with vintage jeans, over a dress or with leather.   

Thanks Paige for all your great fall tips!