The Rock and Roll Tousled Bob

By Jenn Rose Smith

“I think everyone’s familiar with the ‘lob’ at this point,” says stylist Erica Rae. “So what makes it fresh now is the way it’s styled. You can wear it sleek and straight, but I love how it looks when it’s a bit tousled. So many girls are trying to achieve these waves with a flat iron. I’m a huge fan of the look as it tends to work with all hair types, however, I’m not a huge fan of my clients using a flat iron to achieve this look. The reason for that is because flat irons get extremely hot and if you haven’t practiced enough then you usually aren’t that good at not leaving the flat iron on your hair for too long. All it takes to burn your hair and cause breakage is one bad experience, and the only thing that fixes heat damaged ends is a pair of scissors cutting the burned hair off. We’ve all seen the lovely YouTube video of the girl burning her hair off and sticking to her iron!”

Erica introduced us to one of her favorite secret (and safe) weapons for wave styling, the Hot Tools Deep Waver. We needed to find the right model to pull off this rock-n-roll look and our gorgeous friend Brittany Platt was the perfect fit. Erica also added a dash of color to the final look using Kevin Murphy Color Bug hair chalk. For those about to rock, we salute you.

photographed by jessica attie


Step 1

Start by deciding where you want your part to be. 

Step 2

Section your hair into four sections. It’s important to take sections when using hot tools so you don’t put too much heat on any particular part of your hair. Sections allows you to see what has been styled and what hasn’t in the most efficient way possible.

Step 3

Next, take smaller subsections about a quarter inch thick and “crimp” your hair using the deep waver. Taking smaller sections will keep you from burning your hair because it is easier and faster to heat up a thinner section. 

Step 4

Continue doing this to each section. I would suggest taking horizontal sections if you have finer hair to create more volume and vertical sections if you have thicker/coarser hair.

Now you’ve got a great tousled bob! But if you want to add punk rock vibes to this hairstyle, continue on to step 5…

Step 5

If you would like to add a little more rock and roll to this look with minimal commitment, then add a pop of color using hair chalk. Here I used a bright pink with Kevin Murphy’s color bug. It’s like sidewalk chalk for hair, all you do is rub the chalk on your desired section and wash it out when you no longer want it. These chalks are great for kiddos too! 

The Finished Look!

Erica’s Pro Tip:

As you can see this tool gave Brittany tons of volume. The only product I used to prep her hair was a heat protectant. I would highly recommend using a heat protectant when using any hot tools. Play around with parting the hair differently with this look. Don’t be afraid of the over accentuated side part for that extra height. Also, try switching the directions of the waves by flipping the tool upside down. You can alternate the wave patterns and create a little more texture this way.

Brittany pulled off this look effortlessly and wore it for the rest of the day. Rock/roll, people!