13 Wallets That Are Too Cute To Hide In Your Handbag

An ode to my wallet: You guard my most prized possessions, yet endure my abuse. I love you when you’re shiny and new, and even more when you’re tattered and worn. You are my best friend, wallet. Wallets are the best. We grow so attached to them, that we often keep them in our handbags […]

Resort Wear in the City

Since we kicked off the summer with our big trip to Italy, I’ll be mostly hanging out in Austin for the rest of these dog days. Not that I’m mad about it: to me, the beauty of this season is slower-paced days and weekends with little on the calendar besides swim, sun, and snow cones. Even […]

White Lace Dress

It’s practically a law that every woman should have a little black dress in her closet, but I think a white lace-y one also deserves must-have status. While sometimes considered a delicate piece reserved for special occasions, by styling your frock with laid-back jackets or casual shoes, you can achieve a variety of different looks. Pair it with a […]

Mini Skirt + Sneakers

*ed note: This week’s edition of Pulling It Off was inspired by a personal wardrobe challenge. Like the rest of the planet, I’ve started wearing sneakers with just about every type of outfit, except for one that has continue to stump me: skirts! Every time I donned a skirt + sneakers combo, the look ended […]

The Embroidered Blouse

ed note: Spring has officially sprung, and with it, my favorite shopping season of the year. Bring on the breezy sundresses, straw hats, and perfect sandals! Of course, a new season is also the perfect time to break out of our comfort zones and try out styles we may not have worn in the past, […]