Double Take :: The Red Mini

Ever since this year’s Oscars, it seems that red is having a major moment. So for this month’s installment of Double Take we chose this fun and flirty kate spade new york zooey skirt, and I enlisted two stylish girls to share how they would dress it up, or dress it down because the possibilities are […]

My Life, Styled :: White After Labor Day

It seems time that we settle this little debate one once and for all: while the idea of not wearing white after Labor Day has been around for more than a century, passed down from one generation to the next, I think it’s safe to say that it’s no longer relevant. For starters, take a […]

Besties :: Marissa and Katie

It’s a small world sometimes — when we reached out to our friend Katie Crown at ELLE Magazine to talk about being part of our Besties series, we were surprised and delighted to learn that her best friend is Marissa Lippert, a New York nutritionist (and now restauranteur) whose work we’ve admired for years. We […]

Office Style :: TOMS

For most, the TOMS brand needs no introduction. Since 2006, the company’s bridged the gap between fashion and philanthropy, and in the years since their launch, TOMS’ “One for One” design has proven to be an innovative model for sustainability and inspirational corporate responsibility. Fast forward eight years, and the company’s inventory has grown from the single classic […]

My Life, Styled :: High-Waisted Denim

They say you can judge the economy by the rise and fall of the current season’s hemlines. If the same is true for waistlines, then I would say things are looking up! I’m not afraid to admit that in high school I owned denim so low that the zipper became some sort of superfluous accessory […]

Office Style :: Jan Showers Design

It seems as if every corner of famed interior designer Jan Showers’ Dallas headquarters is dripping in glamour. The stylish, memorable spaces that Showers and her team create have been featured everywhere from Architectural Digest to ELLE Decor, so we couldn’t wait to tour their beyond chic Design District headquarters. We gathered tips on styling […]

My Life Styled :: The Working Mom Thing

Oh the life of the working mom. While I don’t plan on being fully back to work until she is about six months (and even that is up for discussion– I’m rather attached to this baby with her full head of hair), I’ve been having a babysitter come a few hours a week now that Aaron […]

Office Style :: Hotel San Jose

Austin’s beloved Hotel San Jose serves as a favorite watering hole for locals, a must-visit spot for boutique hotel lovers from across the world and as one of the overall iconic epicenters of cool in the city. We stopped by for this month’s installment of Office Style to find out more about some of the […]

Besties :: Kate and Claire

When we first created the Besties series on the site, I had this particular pair of stylish creatives in the back of my mind. Claire Zinnecker and Kate Stafford Weaver have both long been part of the Camille Styles team (Kate lends her photographic eye to Pretty Simple and Claire has created dozens of ingenious […]

Double Take :: The Military Jacket

When you bring together two full-time travel writers, story telling and adventure swapping tales at their best quickly ensue. On Ramona Flume’s, who contributes travel stories for a mix of publications like New York Daily News and the Dallas Morning News, first international assignment, she traveled alone through the Colombian Amazon by motorcycle, by foot […]

My Life, Styled :: Sightseeing Attire

It’s hard to think of summer without imagining some glamorous getaway. We are staying a little closer to home this year since we now have a three month old in tow, but our adventures in years past have helped me hone in on my favorite getaway garb. For starters, it needs to be versatile. Can […]

Double Take :: The Striped Tee

Bloggers Samantha Hutchinson and Alicia Lund are two women in an army of style queens that have taken the [virtual and real] fashion world by storm. After launching their respective blogs, Could I Have That? and Cheetah is the New Black, they each rose to style stardom and have worked on turning dreams into realities ever […]

Besties :: Nikki and Virginia

When we discovered fashion blogger Nikki Chanel via Instagram, we couldn’t help but pour over the images of her fabulous outfits and incredibly well-dressed friends — and when we learned that her very best friend is none other than the oh-so-chic champion of social advocacy in Austin, Virginia Cumberbatch… well, we pretty much had to […]

Office Style :: Mod Fitness

In honor of this month’s theme (Wellness), this edition of Office Style is all about exercise gear. We asked the stylish (and inspiringly fit) girls of South Austin fitness studio, MOD, to fill us in on their favorite brands and pieces to rock during one of the studio’s high energy classes that incorporates barre work, […]

Besties :: Laney and Dawn

If there are any friends we tend to live vicariously through, they’re the ones who live in Manhattan. We couldn’t be more excited to catch up with Laney Crowell and Dawn Spinner Davis on a blustery day in the city for our second installment of “Besties”. An afternoon strolling the West Village with these two […]

Double Take :: Swedish Hasbeen Boots

I can still remember begging my mom to buy me a pair of Doc Martens in middle school. It seemed like all the rebel girls made their plaid school uniforms look so much cooler just by slipping on a pair of the signature black lace-up boots. I particularly love Swedish Hasbeen’s take on the combat […]

Office Style :: Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Stumptown Coffee Roasters has a die hard following of loyal fans who can’t go a day without it. With coffee shops in Seattle, New York, L.A., Portland (where the company is based) and more in the works, serious Stumptown Coffee love is quickly spreading across the globe. Behind-the-scenes and hard at work in the headquarters […]