10 Best Fantasy Closets

By Jessi Afshin

Has anyone else diagnosed herself with closet-full-of-clothes-but-nothing-to-wear syndrome? It feels like every time I set foot in my closet I fall down a black hole of digging, tossing and mismatching… and more often than not, the solution somehow ends up being to buy more clothes! There’s no question that an organized closet makes for better dressing and less frivolous shopping, but there’s a difference between an organized closet, and a dream closet. Today, we’ve rounded up a gallery of the latter — when chandeliers and tufted sofas meet tip-top organization, jealousy ensues. Click through for our pick of the 10 most beautiful dressing rooms…

1. Natural lighting and vintage chandeliers never disappoint. Image from architectural digest via pinterest 

2. An eclectic spin on an vintage inspired fantasy space. Image from Atlanta Homes Mag via tumblr 


3. A before-and-after closet transformation that’ll make your jaw drop. Image from Camille Styles.

4. Lavishly elegant with a vintage twist. Image from This is Glamorous

5. Classic and neutral. Image from Kvanum 

6. Clean and chic. Image via Irvine Home Blog

7. Masculine organization at its finest. Image from Etsy via Pinterest

8. A shoe-lover’s fantasy. Image via Pink Wallpaper Blog

9. Girly simplicity. Image from GRADE Architecture and Interior Design via Decor Pad

10. Classic, color-coordinated and clean. Image via Marianne Jones