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Blush Pink

Raise your hand if you’re currently daydreaming of baked sweets, blush treats and pastel pinks. There’s just something about the blossoming shades of pink that embody February in the most quintessential way. And if it means that Spring is just one month closer — you can find me eagerly welcoming February’s pastel shades with open arms. Blush your way into […]

Dangerously Decadent Chocolate Pie

With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, sweet treats, decadent chocolates, and dangerous indulgences are on our minds. And when tasked with whipping up a delicious and devilish Valentine’s treat, we knew that Libbie Summers — hostess with the mostess and author of Sweet and Viscous: Baking with Attitude — was the woman for the job. Keep reading […]

15 Cutest Workout Clothes

For many of us, a new year means a new resolution to get more fit. So far, I’m excited to report that I’ve managed to uphold my New Year’s fitness resolution (3 weeks strong!) My secret: the right gear that helps me feel my best, inspiring me to get into gear. Sometimes a shiny new something is just what’s needed to keep your eyes […]

Our Editors’ Gift Guide Picks

I think it’s safe to say that we all take our gift giving quite seriously here at Camille Styles HQ. Whether it’s our current interoffice game of Secret Santa, a perfect plaything for the tiny tot (Miss Phoebe, of course!), or a special something for our special someone, we’re all stepping up our gift-giving game this holiday season. […]

Best Coats of the Season

These past couple of weeks have included a whole lot of coat chatter here at the Camille Styles office. Chanel got her hands on the perfect denim jacket (steal!), Camille scored herself an Emmerson Fry wardrobe staple, Kelly and I swooned over a few J. Crew gems (for petites), and Jenn is still scavenging the Internet […]

The Chunky Knit

The word on the street (or at least, in our office) is that Camille’s mom knits up the world’s coziest and downright dreamiest knitted cowl scarves. So while I still yearn for my very own homemade chunky knit collection (hint hint) I’ve found myself fantasizing about cozy chunky sweaters, embellishing my wardrobe with warm knitted socks, and […]

Pumpkin Spice

Is anyone else currently drooling over all things pumpkin? Here in Texas, we’ve been greeted by a few too many cold weather teasers, which only beg for constant daydreams of falling leaves and autumn anticipations. Enter dreams of bundling up in warm knits and flannels, the sweet scents of a burning pumpkin soufflé candle, the laughter of children […]

Editors’ Essentials for Fall

Which pair of jersey leggings is Camille going to be rocking this season? Chanel finds the perfect, buttery leather driving gloves! How will Lauren be stylishly storing her ever growing magazine collection? And, the Chesterfield sofa Jenn will be cozying up in this autumn. Find out what’s on Team Camille Styles’ fall style essentials list […]

Monochromatic Monday :: Espresso Yourself

Ah, coffee. Not only does it taste heavenly and — the obvious — wake you up, but for me, it’s an absolute must if I’m expected to have a positive, creativity-filled day. After living in Paris this summer (un cafe au lait, s’il vous plait), I seem to have found myself joining the ranks of the […]

10 Best Apple Cocktail Recipes

With the anticipation of autumn looming in the air (and in our wardrobes… and our pantries…), we can’t stop dreaming of cooler weather and everything that comes with it. Just the thought of homemade apple pie, caramel dipped apples and piping hot cider makes me giddy for my favorite season of the year, and what better way to […]

10 Best All White Outfits

If there’s one rule that was made to be broken, it’s the forbidden fashioning of white after Labor Day. From Fashion Week to magazines and blogs, it seems with each passing year more fashionistas than ever are breaking this old style directive… cause if you spend most of your time in the warmer climates like we […]

Monochromatic Monday :: White Out

There’s just something about summer that has me naturally gravitating to the heavenly hues of all things white. Think crisp fabrics, white sand beaches, fluffy clouds and icy treats…hello, paradise. Thankfully, this summer’s white-on-white trend has got us all pairing our favorite whites with… even more white. Ditching those colors and pulling out our favorite crisp and […]

10 Best Popsicle Recipes

Well, hello summer! Now that the first week of the summer has officially kicked off, we thought it was only necessary to round up the recipes of everyone’s favorite summer sweet — popsicles. There’s just something about those icy cold pops-on-a-stick in the midst of a hot, steamy day that has both children and adults […]

Bottoms Up :: The Kombucha Cocktail

Some of us never forget our first experience with Kombucha. I remember staring blankly at those bouncy clusters of (extremely foreign) floaters, wondering why my mom insisted that I gulp down the alien drink. Fast forward a couple years and many tangy sips later, this trendy, fermented drink has got me hooked. Whether it’s that […]

How to Wear Red, White & Blue

One of my favorite aspects of fashion is watching how American style changes drastically through the years… and then simply cycles back and repeats. Things might have changed just a bit since the first Memorial Day held back in 1868, but it’s still worth noting the way that history inspires today’s modern wardrobe. Regardless of past style […]

Monochromatic Monday :: Coast to Coast

It’s that time of year again…when temperatures start to climb just enough to spur dreams of summer sunshine, and a little sand in between your toes while cradling a piña colada (or two). So, as I ditch my winter coats and recover my favorite pair of flip-flops from the (very) bottom of my closet, I can’t […]