It’s felt a little like the days leading up to Christmas morning around here as I’ve waited anxiously to show you guys the first real shot of my book… and announce that it’s officially on pre-order! It seems so surreal to think back to just over a year ago when I announced that I was writing a book. Little did I know that I was setting off on one of the most challenging, rewarding and fun experiences of my life. The hours spent holed up at my favorite coffee shop researching and writing; countless recipes tested and retested until they were just right; collaborating with some of the most talented people I’ve ever met, and of course so much time spent shooting and photo selecting with Buff… it really has been such a year of personal growth, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to finally share all the photos, stories and recipes that made it into the final product. Thanks to all of you for the many words of support and encouragement through this first part of the journey, and I’m so excited that we get to set off on this next phase together! So: pre-order your copy, stay tuned for more sneak peeks, and be on the lookout for book tour dates soon in cities around the country. I’m crossing my fingers that I get to meet many of you for the first time in person when I’m out there on the road!

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