Essentials for A Modern Bath

By Camille Styles
Modern Bath | Camille Styles

Modern Bath | Camille StylesThe bathroom is the spot where I start and end the day — blow drying my hair in the morning as I consider the day ahead, putting on makeup before I head out the door, and then in the evening, winding down as I sink (finally!) into the tub. Luckily, since the bathroom is such a small spot in the house, it’s also one of the easiest to turn into a well-designed haven without spending a ton of cash. I already have tons of Target pieces in my home (including my favorite fluffy white towels ever) so when the brand asked me to share my favorite pieces from their Room Essentials line, it was a no-brainer. I started with the luxurious “dream bath” photo above as inspiration, then found some of the most chic items to recreate a similarly strong palette of contrasting neutrals. The only difficult part was resisting the urge to scoop up every single one of these and give my own bath a little makeover, though at these prices, why not?

Essentials for a Modern Bath | Camille Styles

    1. Room Essentials Plus Sign Bath Rug
    2. Over-The-Door Double Hook in Chrome
    3. Decorative Basket RE Cotton Multicolor Round
    4. Honest Bar Soap Juniper Sage Shea Butter Cleansing Bar
    5. Room Essentials Towels
    6. Room Essentials Shadowbox Mirror Black
    7. Room Essentials Soap Pump with Sponge Caddy
    8. Threshold Demijohn Vase
    9. Room Essentials Tripod Metal Table Lamp
    10. Room Essentials Dresser
    11. Room Essentials Poster Frame

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*inspirational photo via ny times, designed by jessica helgerson, photographed by lincoln barbour