A Home Fit for Gathering: Step Into This Eclectic, Midcentury-Meets-Spanish Oasis

We never want to leave.

By Stacey Lindsay
earthy kitchen

I think of Thom York singing ‘Everything in Its Right Place’ when I look at Greg and Christy Billock’s Los Angeles home. All the pieces, from the midcentury décor to the Spanish-style bones of the 1930s three-bedroom house, complement one another. Poring over the space is a meditation. The dark woods evoke wisdom from the trees, and the rich metals a grounded vibe. All the while textured tiles and ceramics elicit a sense of calm. It’s a place where art, intention, and comfort collide—which all comes from the talent of Kirsten Blazek.

The creative director behind multifaceted design firm A1000xBetter, Blazek approached the Billock’s home in the same vein she does all her projects: by looking at the nuance and layers of the life that will unfold there. Creatives and avid cooks who love to host, the Billocks live here with their two children. To support how they inhabit the space, Blazek—who worked with designer Patrick Maziarski on the project—employed her experience in art and color theory in every design choice.

earthy kitchen with open shelving

The details are eclectic and bohemian. Blazek also merged the kitchen and dining spaces, allowing for a greater expanse to gather, cook, and eat. (And, of course, for the sunny Los Angeles light to drench every corner.) A large dining table custom designed by A1000XBetter provides an anchor for all of it to come together.

The result is more than a stunning scene. It’s a feeling. And it’s a place filled with unexpected details, like the regal Heath ceramics backsplash in the kitchen. This added “visual interest to the long back wall of the kitchen,” says Billock. It also complements the swaths of open shelving that hold greenery and Christy’s ceramic works. 

Greg and Christy Billock inhabit a home of intention and warmth. Everything is in its right place—which is why I couldn’t wait to ask Blazerk for the details on how she accomplished the look. Let’s get started.

open shelving with wood cutting boards_greg and christy billock home design by kirsten blazek

open shelving showcases owner Christy Billock’s ceramics next to works by LA ceramist company Kat & Roger. The Cabinets and Millwork are by Eaton Designs.

Step Inside the Los Angeles Home of Greg and Christy Billock

What first stood out to you as you embarked on designing the Billock’s home?

The homeowners had a lot of great pieces of furniture, beautiful artwork, and textiles and we were able to incorporate all of their existing pieces. We love mixing styles. The dining table is Craftsman in its origins, but fits in seamlessly with the other design elements in the Spanish meets Mid-Century kitchen and library.

earthy kitchen with wood cabinets

What is a piece of decorating advice for us to steal?

Don’t be afraid to mix styles! We don’t like to do anything that is too referential, and we love to bring in an eclectic mix of furniture, art, and decor. We believe that if items are innately great, then they can all work well together and not look out of place.

books on a home bookshelf
Eames chair in home library

What role color Does Color Play in your work?

Color is hugely important to me when I design a space. I am always very conscious of creating a cohesive color story from room to room. The nuances in color are also fascinating to me and I put a lot of emphasis on finding exactly the right shade and saturation of each color that we are selecting.

home library

Do you have a favorite design feature or room?

I love the whole back wall of the kitchen. We installed new, larger custom windows to increase the natural light and incorporated open shelving into the design. The Heath tile was the perfect choice to add both texture and an extra layer of visual interest to this long wall while remaining neutral in color.

home library with Eames chair