How to Hide Your TV

By Cristina Cleveland
How to Hide Your TV


If you’re into movie nights, live sports, or the occasional heart stopping episode of Scandal, then a television is probably a part of your living room decor. It is a rare sight to see one in a design magazine, so it can be a challenge searching for inspiring ways to style them. In this gorgeous Portland loft, you hardly notice the black screen; instead, my eye is drawn to the showstopper of a console table and the piles of books that surround it. It also helps that rather than giving the TV center stage, this one is set to one side and balanced with a light fixture and tall accessories. Once you master the art of concealing all your wiring (there’s nothing more distracting!), then you can begin to layer and build a vignette around the TV. Keep reading for my picks to bring this look home…



Glove molds — The inspiration photo has a collection of these porcelain hands surrounding the TV, and their slightly spooky vibe is perfect for this time of year. You can find them at most antique shops, and they make excellent jewelry stands.

Basket — Warmer textures like woods and the straw of this woven basket can create an interesting contrast against the slick black screen.

Wall sconces — Lighting is an integral part of any vignette, and these sconces won’t cast too much bright light in the area. Plus, how cool are these shapes?

Moroccan wedding blanket — Just when I thought Moroccan wedding blankets couldn’t get any bigger or better? A black Moroccan wedding blanket.

Isamu Noguchi and Ansel Adams books — I love the old spines of the books surrounding the TV above. In a perfect world your books would be color coordinated too, but I think piles of old books are beautiful no matter the color.

White and brown leather poufs — For a serial furniture rearranger, light pieces like these leather poufs are super versatile and easy to move from room to room whenever it strikes your fancy.

Wooden console — A long, low surface will give you plenty of room to add layers to your vignette and help balance out the weight of the screen.

Inspiration designed by Jessica Helgerson and photographed by Lincoln Barbour in est magazine