Articles from Cristina

I Went 36 Hours Without My Phone And Didn’t Die

We’ve probably all considered a digital detox at one point. But if you’re anything like me (or the rest of the CS team) the challenge is not if, it’s when. Aside from the rare vacation, it feels like there’s no good time to start a digital detox! So for this edition of the Wellness Report […]

How Do Your Travels Inspire Your Home?

I spend months looking forward to a trip, planning what to do, eat, wear, and see. And then just as the trip arrives, I get the bittersweet feeling that it will soon be over. That’s why I always try to find ways to bring home inspiration to keep the spirit of that trip alive long after it’s […]

Goat Yoga Is a Thing and We Tried It

Most yoga classes start with a call to center your focus within the four corners of your mat. To let go of anything off the mat that isn’t serving you, and to turn your attention inwards. It turns out, that proves to be difficult when there’s a baby goat nibbling on your hair, and another […]

5 Ways to Declutter Your Life — From a Professional

Have you ever done an epic closet clean-out, donating and giving away much of your belongings, only to be met with an overflowing closet all over again 6 months later? “It’s like gardening,” explains Jennifer Slaski Halligan, a life decluttering coach and  the founder of Prune & Bloom, “you can plant and mulch your garden, but […]

The Home Trends to Watch in 2018

Now that you’ve survived that juice cleanse and started doing yoga again, your body and mind are feeling refreshed for 2018. But what have you done for your home this year? I asked home styling and staging expert Sarah Brady of The Platform Experiment what changes she makes to start the year, and she said […]

Could You Survive This Cool New Beauty Treatment?

If you’re one of those people who feels they don’t have time for a wellness practice, then A) you probably need it the most, and B) you should probably try cryotherapy. Our art director Jenn Rose was sold the second she found out it takes 3 minutes from start to finish. Granted, these 3 minutes […]

How to Tell Your Story with Your Home

Have you ever decorated a corner of your home just like a Pinterest board, only to find that in the end it was… missing something? I spoke with Jeanine Hays of the design duo AphroChic about this, and while she admits that Pinterest is wonderful for inspiration, home is all about who we are. “In a […]

Is This the Most Out-There Wellness Trend We’ve Ever Tried?

Have you ever tried to meditate? I’ve been trying to, and despite my best efforts to zero in on my breath, everything else seems to come up instead. I draft emails in my head, remember texts I need to send, plan appointments I need to schedule. It’s a common challenge, and if you’ve experienced it […]