Monochromatic Monday :: Coast to Coast

By Jessi Afshin

Coast to Coast inspiration | Camille Styles

It’s that time of year again…when temperatures start to climb just enough to spur dreams of summer sunshine, and a little sand in between your toes while cradling a piña colada (or two). So, as I ditch my winter coats and recover my favorite pair of flip-flops from the (very) bottom of my closet, I can’t stop fantasizing about the adventures that await me this summer. And honestly, what better way to nurture those enchanting thoughts than the magnificently beautiful Mediterranean coast? Whether you’re in the midst of planning a summer getaway to the seaside or you simply want to envision yourself sitting in the midst of this natural splendor, the calming mix of blue hues will leave you feeling both pleasantly tranquil and inspired. My sunny daydreams often take me to a picnic with the beau in the sands of Portofino, to a lingering day spent boating on the Amalfi Coast or on a weekend getaway exploring Santorini. Sail away with these sea-inspired tones this Monday…Ciao for now!

image sources {row one} mediterranean coast image from what katie ate, sunhat beach photo by jean-daniel lorieux, ciao image via blonde redhead, {row two} hat image found on pinterest (original source unknown), model image from pinterest (original source unknown), yacht photo from the deux luxe, sailboat photo from tumblr (original source unknown), {row four} picnic photo by petrina tinslay, pineapple via deanmartindale, coast photo from studioaq