Monochromatic Monday :: Eat Your Greens

By Camille Styles
Green Wellness Inspiration | Camille Styles

Green Wellness Inspiration | Camille Styles

It’s the first Monday of the new year — that’s something to celebrate, now isn’t it? I find myself craving clean, energy-giving food, making extra time to connect with the people I love and actually embracing a full to-do list instead of wishing for more downtime. Guess that’s what the long holiday break is supposed to do, right? Last night, I made one of my favorite salads (pictured top, center) that’s packed full of great-for-you things like avocados and tangerines, and it got me thinking about the beauty in the varying shades of leafy greens, tart citrus and even funky winter vegetables like Brussels sprouts. No surprise that consuming heaps of them results in our own beauty: in the way our bodies functions, our hair shines and our skin glows. All the more reason to eat your greens this week, and relish every bite!

On a completely unrelated note, who caught the Downton Abbey premiere last night? Don’t want to spoil anything for those of you screening it on DVR tonight, but am I the only one who’s giddy with excitement to see what unfolds this season?!

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