Monochromatic Monday :: Espresso Yourself

By Jessi Afshin
espresso inspiration board

espresso inspiration boardAh, coffee. Not only does it taste heavenly and — the obvious — wake you up, but for me, it’s an absolute must if I’m expected to have a positive, creativity-filled day. After living in Paris this summer (un cafe au lait, s’il vous plait), I seem to have found myself joining the ranks of the millions of other coffee addicts out there, and I don’t see myself going back any time soon… though I could quit if I wanted to, I swear! So it goes without saying that I’m starting off this Monday with a creamy, steaming cup of joe or two (with maybe a bit more sugar than I care to admit) and this freshly-brewed inspiration board. Here’s hoping you get a little boost of energy out of it as well!

image sources {row 1} roses from strawberry koi, kinfolk + hand from gabrielle assaf, girl holding coffee via tumblr (original source unknown) {row 2} hands on table from artifact uprising via tumblr, croissants from the wandering girl, espresso via pinterest (original source unknown), coffee mug via pinterest (original source unknown) {row 3} coffee and ice cream via shop sweet things blog (original source unknown), lattes via paul stevenson flickr, newspaper via pinterest (original source unknown)