Monochromatic Monday :: Etched in Stone

By Camille Styles
Marble & Wood Inspiration | Camille Styles

Marble & Wood Inspiration | Camille Styles

There’s an old French proverb that says, “Write injuries in sand, kindnesses in marble.” Such a lovely way to express the idea that, while negative thoughts and emotions slip from memory, we should keep the gracious acts of others front and center in our hearts. There’s nothing that conveys permanence better than marble (just take a visit to the ancient Roman ruins for proof – sculptures and floors appear almost untouched by time.) And while it’s been a symbol of luxury for centuries, marble is currently having such a “moment” that I think today’s designers might rival the Romans in their effusive use of it.

When Claire and I were pulling inspiration for our new studio kitchen, we stumbled upon the top-left image and felt immediately drawn to the juxtaposition of luxe marble and earthy wood. While we ended up doing the entire countertops and backsplash in gorgeous carrara marble (the big reveal is coming soon!), you can certainly incorporate marble in smaller ways: this stool, this rolling pin, and this serving board are all lower-commitment touches that’ll bring the wood-marble mix into your space with stunning results.

So, what do you think? Is this much marble a passing interiors trend… or is it here to stay?

*images: {row 1} idha lindhag, sequins, herriott grace {row 2} this is glamorous, house of philia {row 3} sailboat via here, matthew williams for martha stewart, emerson fry {row 4} via herestil inspiration, restored.