In my opinion, nothing’s more Halloween-ish than witchcraft… and growing up, there was only one movie worth watching over and over come October. If you weren’t already familiar with the plot, Hocus Pocus is a comedic horror film that follows the adventures of three lovable witch sisters (Bette Midler! Sarah Jessica Parker! Kathy Najimi!) on a fateful Halloween night in Salem, Massachusetts, and it’s so so wonderful. For today’s style board, I thought I’d tip my hat to my own personal childhood favorite by getting warmed up for the 31st with spell books, black cats and bubbling cauldrons. Hope you all have a marvelous Halloween week, and if you haven’t already seen Hocus Pocus, add it to the top of your to-do list!

image sources: hocus pocus witches (original unknown); salem spell book (original unknown); hand with jewelry and key (original unknown); black cat;  halloween house; broomsticks illustration; cauldron over fire (original source unknown); witch house, witch shoes, bette midler


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Chanel Dror