Olive & June Nail Salon

By Cristina Cleveland


I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it, but this sublime sitting area is not the living room of a stylist or a blogger. In a first for this series, today we are talking about bringing home the look of — get this — a nail salon. The phrase nail salon typically conjures up a whole host of sights, sounds and smells, none of which I particularly want in my home, but LA salon Olive & June has me tempted to move right in to their bright and modern space.

Rattan chair – I love the settee and bench in the inspiration photo, but if you’re already happy with your sofa then you can introduce this color into your living room with an accent chair. An added bonus is they’re easy to move around the house to spice up different rooms.

Wood chair – Olive and June has a row of these gorgeous chairs in their salon, but with its camel leather and sculptural wood just one would be enough to make a statement.

Painting – I find that a  bold, abstract piece is easiest to find a place for in a room because it this mixes easily with other patterns, photos, or it can stand alone.

Porcelain dishes – If, like me, you find it difficult to resist pretty porcelain dishes then you may want to avert your eyes. This etsy dealer has a delightful collection of dishes in fun shapes from triangles to hexagons.

Planter – The muted greens and blues of succulents are quickly becoming one of my favorite color palettes, and this planter is a perfect match.

Light – If you are already making a statement with your art or furniture then it can help to streamline your lighting fixtures, and this lightbulb on a chord is about as minimal as it gets.

Triangle mirror – An interesting mirror like this can bring light and intrigue to any dark or unused corner in your room.

*inspiration photo of Olive & June by Bonnie Tsang

Cristina Cleveland