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The Best Housewarming Gifts to Celebrate the New Homeowner in Your Life

The warmest welcomes.

By Isabelle Eyman

Everywhere you turn, there’s proof that social media is the ultimate highlight reel. Pregnancies, promotions, and relationship launches—”soft” and “hard.” But as a young millennial myself, there’s one that seems to populate my feeds most of all: the post announcing a new home. Whether it be an apartment or the purchase of a new house, after a few years that saw many of my friends (myself included) moving back home, it’s time that we claim our own little havens. And there’s no way I like to celebrate that milestone more than with my favorite, practical housewarming gifts.

Yes, I said celebrate. While social media can make us feel bitter and cynical at times, it can also inspire greater kindness and support. Personally, I’ve stepped into 2023 with the perspective that I’m going to *actually* engage with content that I find exciting and uplifting. I’m going to cheer on my friends and spread positivity instead of simply being a bystander.

Featured image of Brian and Jessie De Lowe’s home by Michelle Nash.

woman standing in kitchen practical housewarming gifts
Image of Olivia Muniak by Michelle Nash

19 Practical Housewarming Gifts to Welcome Your Loved Ones Home

So go ahead and like the post that celebrates what’s arguably the biggest purchase of most of our lives. Let the friend from college know that you’re proud of them for taking the leap and leasing an apartment across the country. Cheer on your cousin who, after years of dating, is moving in with their S.O. And if you feel so inclined, give a heart to the creator whose minimalist home aesthetic has inspired your own.

Once you’ve shown your digital support, it’s time to shower them IRL. Keep reading for the best practical housewarming gifts. From creative ceramics to beautiful books, this list has it all.

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Casa Zuma Recycled Glass Tumbler (Set of 4)

Camille’s entire new line of lifestyle products is a treasure trove for housewarming gifts. And while I’d happily give one of everything to my very deserving friends, these recycled glass tumblers are perfection. Crafted in Oaxaca from locally-sourced glass, this is a set that you can feel good about gifting.

Koala Eco Terra Botanica Tea Towel

In a world saturated with non-toxic and sustainably-packaged cleaning products, it can be hard to find one that distinguishes itself from the rest. That is until you discover Koala Eco. I got hooked on the brand when I first tried their Gift Collection (another solid housewarming pick). But if you want to share the brand’s natural, Aussie aesthetic, this tea towel couldn’t be a more perfect gift.

Coyuchi Conserve Organic Bowl Covers

On the topic of sustainability, I love these percale fabric bowl covers. They’re a stylish, reusable swap for plastic wrap. The set includes three covers that fit all manner of bowls and dishes. And who doesn’t love a reversible fabric (particularly one that’s striped on the other side)?

Pottery Barn Modern Taper Candles

Taper candles are a small, but thoughtful gift that any new homeowner will appreciate. They add intimate vibes to every dining experience—whether you’re sharing a weeknight meal with your partner or hosting a Saturday night dinner party with friends.

L’Avant Collective Fresh Linen Home Fragrance Bundle

I can already say with confidence—this scent set is and will continue to be one of my favorite products of 2023 (check in with me at the end of the year and I’ll say the same). Help your friend say buh-bye to holiday-specific scents by gifting this timeless fragrance. The Fresh Linen scent, featuring notes of ylang-ylang, bamboo, lavender, and geranium, is subtly floral and decidedly luxe.

Casa Zuma 12″ Handcrafted Wood Salad Bowl

Nothing says “welcome home” like a handmade bowl they’ll keep in the family for generations. Made in Michigan, these 12″ bowls are the perfect size to feed four. The best way to gift it? With this winter salad inside.

Rifle Paper Co. 2023 Fete des Plantes Wall Calendar

If there’s a homeowner you’re looking to celebrate now, this calendar is the gift. Each month features everyone’s favorite Rifle Paper Co. illustrations. They’re whimsical and vibrant—the perfect way to brighten up their new space.

Schoolhouse Flip Clock

For lovers of analog, mid-century design. Help your friend keep their phone out of the bedroom and add this stylish pick to their nightstand instead.

Papier Fun Desk Days Gift Set

Who doesn’t love a set of colorful, mood-boosting desk accessories? This collection includes everything they need to stay on task and organized. A curved ballpoint pen, erasers aplenty, a cloud-shaped ruler, the prettiest washi tape, and pencils they’ll treasure for years to come.

Letterfolk The Poet Letterboard

Letter boards might be the ultimate housewarming gift. This design comes in an array of colors to help you select the perfect fit for their home. Don’t forget to include a sweet message!

Casa Zuma Tropical Woven Placemat (Set of 4)

For the homeowner who loves to dine in style. These woven placemats add a natural, organic element to any table. And because they’ll be sitting straight in the line of fire (i.e., spills and messes), it’s important that they’re durable and easy to clean. These placemats? Check and check.

Caraway Home Minis Duo

My partner and I just received this set for Christmas and wow—completely blown away. The duo’s low-key, modern style adds a beautiful pop of color to our stovetop (where we keep them proudly displayed at all times) and I’m entirely addicted to making eggs in the fry pan. The non-stick surface is that good.

Modern Sprout Herbs Garden Jars

For the aspiring green thumb, these jars are a beautiful way to add a pop of color to their kitchen counter. And who doesn’t love garnishing their meals with fresh herbs that are about as local as it gets?

Year and Day Canyon Mugs (Set of 4)

These mugs are the only way we’ll be getting our caffeine fix in 2023. Matcha, coffee, golden milk, chai—whatever your warm beverage pleasure, be sure to serve it in these.

Russell+Hazel Acrylic Wall Memo Board

If their goal is to stay organized and on top of tasks in 2023, they’ll appreciate opening up this memo board. It’s ideal for lists, meal plans, notes, and to-do’s—in the most aesthetically pleasing way, of course.

Royal_Z Ceramic Fruit Basket Bowl

I won’t lie—I purchased this fruit basket for myself as soon as I added it to this roundup. After all, the best housewarming gifts are those you’d love to have yourself, right?

Afloral Beige Mini Ceramic Bud Vase

This bud vase makes the sweetest statement piece on any shelf in their new home. Add a small bouquet as a finishing touch.

Minimalista: Your Step-by-Step Guide to a Better Home, Wardrobe, and Life by Shira Gill

One of our favorite coffee table books of all time—and it might just be the only one they’ll read cover to cover.

Quince 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

If you know me, you’ll know that I can’t hold any conversation without mentioning my love of Quince. Their clothes are stunning, beautifully made, and are priced well below their competitors—and their home goods are no different. If your friend leans a little beauty-obsessed (and values a good night’s sleep), a pair of these silk pillowcases are a must.