A Photographer’s Breathtaking Sunday House

This may be our all time favorite.

By Chanel Dror
neutral minimalist interiors

Ever since Kate Zimmerman Turpin began sharing photos of her Sunday house renovation, the entire Camille Styles team has stood by, watching in awe as our friend and her husband worked true magic on a small country cottage. The result is a blissful two-bedroom oasis in Hunt, Texas that any one of us would happily move in to tomorrow.

A celebration of natural materials and a lesson in perfected minimalism, it’s almost hard to believe that such a sophisticated space could come from a couple so young.

But if Kate and Luke have taught us anything, it’s that design has no age, and it certainly doesn’t have a price tag. Without further ado, I bring you the Hunt Sunday House.

pictured: sofa from Campaign; coffee table from Room & Board

What exactly is a Sunday House?

Historically, Sunday houses were second dwellings for Texas farmers and ranchers who lived in places too remote to commute to Sunday services. They’d come stay at their Sunday house each weekend to tend to business in town and attend church. This little guest house actually serves the opposite purpose, as it’s our home away from busy life, but my dad just started calling it a Sunday house, and I thought it sounded cute.

Well whatever you want to call it, we’re obsessed. Tell us the backstory of this special little home.

The guest house is on our family property in the Hill Country in a small town called Hunt, TX. It sits atop a hill, covered in tall, golden grass surrounded by oak and cedar trees and rolling hills in the distance. My family built the main house about 10 years ago and as our family continues to grow, we needed a little extra wiggle room, so we built a guest house, tucked in the cedar woods to the west of the main house.

What’s your favorite spot in the house?

The open open kitchen and living space!

You have such a talent for creating spaces that feel open and inviting. What are your tips for keeping the design of a space simple?

Less is more! Always! Don’t overcomplicate with too much furniture and decor, let the lines of the house show.

What are your favorite design resources?

Remodelista, EST Living, and travel!

What was your design inspiration for the Hunt House?

Provencal farmhouse meets modern minimalism. I loved the idea of new clean lines juxtaposed with aged and textural accents.

For many, filling a space with only neutrals can feel cold or uninspired. What are your tips for designing mostly neutral interiors?

Add texture to help warm up the space. Woven rugs and woven baskets are a necessity (for me at least) for really clean and minimal spaces.

Since you mentioned it, I think you have more baskets than anyone in the world.

I call myself the basket lady.

sunday house living room

pictured: steel door from Atelier Domingue

Did you and Luke have any design challenges when working on this space?

We had originally wanted do work with adobe brick because we loved the idea of thick organic walls and it’s energy efficiency, but we would’ve had to ship the bricks in from Arizona, blowing the budget. Instead, we mimicked the look with 12 inch thick walls which made it possible to add double the amount of insulation so it’s a bit more energy-efficient and we got the thick walls we wanted!

Fill in the blank: “A well-designed home should _______.”

Make you feel calm and at ease, as well as inspired.

pictured: bedroom sconce from Home Depot; bedding from Good in Bedpillows from Sarah Sharp

How did you approach shopping for the Hunt House?

Super thrifty. We actually had a very small budget for this project so I kind of had to keep my eyes peeled for good deals. Nothing gets me more excited than a really good second hand shop, which are pretty regular in the hill country area. I also used a lot of “hand me downs” from my parent’s house in Houston.

You are making me want to give my home a minimalist makeover. Do you have any tips for keeping your place clutter-free?

Use baskets with lids on them! This is my cheat trick. I’m not super organized so I like to just throw chargers, books, and all the leftover things you don’t want like seeing around the house in one place in a basket… with a lid so no one sees the mess.

Do you have a favorite way to relax at the Hunt House?

Long mornings are my sanctuary out in Hunt. I love sleeping in and dragging the morning on until 11 before doing much.

I start most days on the porch with a cup of coffee in the company of hummingbirds and the hill country views and reading a morning devotional or just sitting still.

After a while, I’ll either go on a short hike or do a 30 minute yoga session. It’s my kind of heaven 🙂

Describe your home in 5 words or less:

Serene, open, minimal, rustic, earthy.

pictured: linen sheet set from The Beach People; bedside table from Room & Board