Our Best Posts of 2015

By Jenn Rose Smith

Hope you didn’t blink, because 2015 came and went in a blur. It was a big year for us at Camille Styles, and now we’re looking back over a year that saw us expand our content, try out new things, and meet some amazing people along the way. Our team sat down to talk about our favorite stories from 2015, and there were so many good ones we thought we’d round them up for posterity here. We’re curious — what were your favorite stories from 2015, and what would you like to see more of next year? Let us know in the comments!

13 Ways to Up Your Financial Game

“This one was posted in the first week of 2015 and I’m still putting these tips to practice in my day-to-day life. I’ve read plenty of financial advice before but I loved this unique perspective on thinking of money in a positive light rather than one ridden with stress and guilt. It definitely changed the way I spend and save – for the better.” — Cristina Cleveland

image by the sartorialist

Dream Job: Annie Atkins

“Dream Job is one of my very favorite series that I get to work on. Interviewing Wes Anderson’s graphic designer, Annie Atkins, was an incredible experience. I loved learning about her design process and getting an up-close look at the prop pieces she created for The Grand Budapest Hotel”. — Jenn Rose Smith

3 Easy Ways to Streamline Your Wardrobe

“In early 2015 we collaborated with the inspiring Caroline of Unfancy to create this post, and I swear it permanently changed the way I approach shopping for and maintaining my wardrobe. Less is more from here on out!” — Chanel Dror

Nacho Party!

“Maybe it’s because we’re in the dead of winter right now, but this poolside nacho extravaganza was one of my favorite shoots to style. We had a blast on-set, and it was a fun challenge to put a healthy twist on something that’s typically considered ‘junk food.’ And I’ve got to admit, those were some damn good nachos.” — Camille Styles

Entertaining With: This is Glamorous

“I adored Molly McConn’s entertaining piece on Roséline Lohr. Her style is so feminine and dream-like. And I’m dying to try her recipe for classic modules marinieres with pome frittes!” — Jenn Rose Smith

Why You Should Stop Apologizing

“This piece was by far, my most favorite to write. Sharing one of the Top 5 personal moments in my life and being so transparent was hard, but very rewarding. It was shared far and wide and ’til this day, I still receive comments and messages from women and men who could not only relate, but are moving away from saying sorry when they shouldn’t.” — Kelly Krause

image source

Love + Work: The Allcorns

“I loved this series, but I especially adored this sweet feature on this awesome couple that opened a pizza restaurant outside of Austin. I loved their unexpected story and how they seemed so in love and in awe of each others’ talents. I wanted to drop my NYC life and immediately run away to Bastrop, TX to work at Neighbor’s Kitchen and Yard. So inspiring.” — Tara Rasmus

A Power Bowl for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

“I’m always super inspired reading about Kelly’s health journey in her Living Kindly series, and I especially loved finding out about the power bowls that keep her fueled through her busy days and workouts. I’ve riffed on them countless times since!” — Camille Styles

How to Start the Day on a Happy Note

“I’m a night person by nature, but a few years ago I resolved to become a morning person. It’s something I have to work at so any little tactic helps! Since reading this I’ve been using Camille’s techniques of playing music in the mornings, forcing myself to drink a glass of water, and squeezing in some exercise, even if it’s just 10 minutes of yoga.” — Cristina Cleveland

image via garance doré

What’s On Hand: Gaby Dalkin

“I adore this sweet series with Kelly’s amazing illustrations! I have a funny obsession with how people actually eat (not in terms of diet, more in terms of varying tastes and preferences), so I love that this series allows me to effectively peek into others’ refrigerators without actually creeping in their homes! Gaby’s kitchen sounds a lot like mine: balsamic vinegar (makes all things taste better), tzatziki, ginger beer…Gaby and I need to be friends.” — Tara Rasmus

Entertaining With: Nikisha & Carl Brunson

“I adore all the stories in the Entertaining With series, but especially this one. Nikisha and Carl have such a friendly, laid back style… and they’re easy on the eyes too. I loved reading about their perspective on life, love and spirituality, and I especially enjoyed their recipes- YUM!” -Kelly Colchin

Life Lessons: How To Build Confidence

“You may have noticed, but I’m new to the Camille Styles team this year! This was one of my very first pieces, and I learned a lot about myself through the process of writing it. I learned that we’re all a work in progress, even though you may think you’re a born extrovert! This turned out to be one of my favorite pieces, if only for the wonderful soul-searching journey it involved.” — Emily Boyd

image by bryan rodner carr

Life Changing Products from Beauty Insiders

“As a bit of a beauty product junkie, I was downright giddy when Tara unearthed the must-have products that beauty industry gurus can’t live without. These ladies know their stuff, and let’s just say that my personal skincare collection got a little bigger thanks to this post.” — Camille Styles

image by jennifer hagler

The Ultimate 4th of July Spread

“Last summer’s slower pace allowed our team to channel our collective energy into this fun story for no reason other than… we all love hot dogs. Shooting that buffet spread was plain delicious, and Buff’s photos captured all the poppy details perfectly.” — Chanel Dror

Love + Work: Henris

“Love + Work is one of my favorite series. I love a behind-the-scenes look at how so many got their start and tend to live vicariously through them as I’m reading. It’s no surprise I’m a sucker for a great glass of wine and a cheese plate, and often pop into Henri’s to grab cheese for cocktail parties and hostess gifts. It was fun reading about owners Andy and Jessie, and of course, meeting Jessie in-person.” — Kelly Krause

How to Make Your Own Sugar Skulls

“Of all the DIYS, this was the one that I am really wanting to try on my own. They turned out so precious! Somehow Chanel always makes it seem easy… and fabulous.” — Kelly Colchin