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Nikisha & Carl Brunson

April 14th, 2015

photographed by kate lesueur

There’s a saying going around Austin right now that “100 people move here every single day.” While we haven’t exactly taken the time to fact-check that stat, it certainly feels true, and Forbes magazine has just named Austin the 2nd fastest growing city in America. With so many talented young people unpacking their boxes here, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. But Nikisha and Carl Brunson have taken Austin by storm in less than a year and half — he’s an interactive designer and director and she’s the blogger, vlogger, (and one incredible head of hair) behind Urban Bush Babes. From the moment we discovered Nikisha’s painfully cool instagram account (along with 10K other people), we’ve been dying to meet this buzz couple and get an inside look at their mod spartan home in North West Austin. We lucked out and scored an invite from the two for lunch — what we found was an envy-inducing kitchen, the best mac and cheese we’ve ever tasted, and a couple who are completely beautiful… inside and out.

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  1. Kelly Colchin says:

    This is so inspiring! I love this couple!

  2. Kristina says:

    Wonderful feature! My favorite to date!

  3. Molly Kendrick says:

    This is so awesome. I’m dying to make this jerk chicken! Her dream dinner guests are basically exactly mine! Kindred spirits!

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous couple. and a gorgeous home. Great story.

  5. Love this! Such a beautiful couple and the food looks so good! This was also one of my favorite features to date!

  6. elizmcanally says:

    My parents (who live there) heard 150 people move there every day. Don’t know if it’s slowed down since they heard that, but I believe it! It looks more and more different every time I visit!

  7. Erica Brown says:

    love love love this article! I follow Nikisha on IG and she’s a huge inspiration to me. So glad to see so much diversity on CS!

  8. ?CN says:

    Any chance of sharing the hibiscus, ginger tea recipe?

  9. Carmen Lynn says:

    Nikisha is such an inspiration to me! So glad to see her featured on another one of my favorite blogs!! Kudos!

  10. Melissa Williams says:

    So enjoyed this segment & your thoughtful answers Nikisha! Hope to run into you again in marriage group or elsewhere 😀

  11. Lenore McKinney says:

    Blessings Nikisha!

    I so enjoyed your site and the wonderful receipes ! Your home is beautiful. Your mom Jackie sent me your site and I am signing up! Your mom and I chat every Sunday morning before service starts – lovely woman your mom. Your son Jayden used to be one of my BT Kids! Your mom is so proud of you Nikisha and God loves you so much and is blessing you and your lovely family. Continued blessings to you and may Our Lord continue to make you a blessing to others.:-)


  12. michele says:

    My favorite one so far.. thanks for this

  13. margaret love says:

    I just adore YOUR beauty, I Myself is eclectic, I feel it’s described as only YOU know of YOURSELF, and others who really know YOU know Your in a class all by YOURSELF, but never selfish of ones self, just having a uniqueness of ones self: I too, was once a brown thumb, but now I have green everywhere, your Bistro corner is just lovely, I’m copying that I already have the greenery, God Bless YOU, and Carl, and YOUR son, I only have one son as well. Warmly, Margaret.

  14. Tammy Nolen says:

    At first glance I thought “she looks like the other half of Urban Bush Babes,” clicked and confirmed it is so! So glad to see you featured on Camille Styles, one of my favorite (fairly new to me) blogs. Your home is beautiful. I saw somewhere else that you recently got married, congrats! I really love how you were authentic in your presentation of your life by saying grace – honoring God in all you do (public and private). All the best to you in your new city!!

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