The Chunky Knit

By Jessi Afshin

thechunkyknitThe word on the street (or at least, in our office) is that Camille’s mom knits up the world’s coziest and downright dreamiest knitted cowl scarves. So while I still yearn for my very own homemade chunky knit collection (hint hint) I’ve found myself fantasizing about cozy chunky sweaters, embellishing my wardrobe with warm knitted socks, and topping it all off with the warmest afghans and mittens. Since there’s nothing quite like the dreamy bliss of being wrapped up in your favorite chunky knit, let’s start this new week by gazing at some of the prettiest knitted inspiration around. And in the meantime, I’m keeping my fingers crossed I land a spot on Mrs. Styles’ prestigious knitting list this holiday season!

image sources via {row 1} blankets on chair, girl in sweater, white knits {row 2} knitted socks and coffee, hanging sweater, {row 3} mitten, knitting pattern, stacked grey blankets, {row 4} variety of knits, blanket on chair, person knitting