Round dining tables can be divisive among interior designers — they tend to feel casual, and can be hard to anchor in the big open floor plans of many new homes. That said, circular tables are often the heroes of small spaces and older houses. If you have a nook, tiny kitchen, or small sunroom, a round table gives you a lot of bang for your buck. But I’m here to argue that the benefits of going round transcend just design. That not only can you seat more people (if it’s a pedestal table, no bothersome table legs in the way) but a circular table gives each of your guests equal status.

King Arthur was onto something — when everyone is seated equally, conversation naturally improves.

Looking back, many of my favorite dinners have taken place at round tables, and I’m not so sure it’s a coincidence. Everyone can see each other, hear each other. There is no “head” of the table or position of honor. Maybe that’s why the best conversations always seem to take place “in the round”… Social theories aside, we’ve found seven gorgeous tables that just might make you consider going round for good. Scroll down to shop our favorites, and save us a seat.

featured image by studio mcgee

photo by cb2

Modern Concrete Dining Table

image by mimi giboin for domaine home

Open Pedestal Simple Wood Dining Table

photo by target

Round Industrial Dining Table

image by studio mcgee

Mid Century Tulip Table

image by sharyn cairns

Modern Rustic Oak Dining Table

photo by target

Woven Round Dining Table (this table was designed for outdoors, but we think it could be really unexpected and fun inside as well!)

photo by serena and lily

Elegant Pedestal Dining Table

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