Weekend Notes

By Camille Styles
white peonies | Camille Styles

 white peonies | Camille Styles

We headed to East Texas yesterday for my grandmother’s memorial service, and I’ve been spending time reading through her letters to me through the years — in the spirit of Valentine’s, they’re some of the best “love notes” I’ve ever received. Nana had this way of making you feel like the most brilliant, witty, talented and beautiful person alive, destined for fame (at least, if you were one of her grandchildren!) She inspired me to walk to the beat of my own drum and be authentically unique, to see beauty in the tiniest details…  and to never underestimate the power of the perfect white shirt. It was unusually warm and sunny for February as we stood by her grave and said goodbye to the woman nicknamed “Carolina Sunshine” — her legacy of joy, fun and irrepressible humor will undoubtedly live on through so many of us who were changed by her.

Hope you’re all having a lovely Valentine’s weekend, savoring time with all the ones you love. And as always, a few of my favorite links from the week!

How fashion editors dress to look slimmer.

Sometimes it’s good to focus on being instead of doing.

How to address your own envelopes, even if you’re not a calligrapher.

This sprinkle cake DIY is the simplest and cutest way to decorate a cake I’ve seen in a while.

Congrats to Joy and her cute new collection for Target!

If pasta cravings hit this weekend (duh) I’ll be cooking up this recipe with roasted winter vegetables.

*and a few fun things you may have missed!

DIY polaroid love notes.

We launched our new Double Take column! Kicking it off with adorable couples and head-to-toe denim.

Best morning ever. The Nouveau Romantics invited us to the studio for a class in hand-tied bouquets.

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