Weekend Notes

By Camille Styles
A Jour Chez Bert, by Virginie Garnier | Camille Styles

A Jour Chez Bert, by Virginie Garnier | Camille Styles

Happy Saturday, lovelies! Are you getting hints of spring where you are? I’ve been soaking up the sunshine here in Austin all day — after a big trip to the plant nursery this morning, we spent a couple hours repotting our indoor succulents and filling some big outside pots with basil, mint and kale. It’s made such a huge difference in how the house feels… I think that plants are just about the quickest, least expensive route to an extreme home makeover that exists! There’s just something about this season that makes me want to clear out, declutter and organize. Have you guys been spring cleaning yet? What’s your favorite job to tackle? And that one that you put off for as long as possible… ? (for me, it’s the windows.) Hope you all have a great weekend, and enjoy my favorite links from the week!

I have a major girl crush on Rashida, so I loved reading about her beauty regime. 

7 ways to deal with stress.

I’ve been really into fennel lately, so this salad is on my must-make list.

And this coconut meyer lemon ice cream would be the perfect way to follow it up.

These DIY corn husk carrots would be so cute on the Easter table.

This couple met in an olive grove… and later married there in this gorgeous Provence wedding.

How do you say… (I watched this from beginning to end.)

*and a few fun things you may have missed!

Two of my favorite stylish chicas put their own spin on Swedish Hasbeen boots.

Wake up with a smoothie as sunshine-y as the weather outside.

We spilled on our 10 favorite new bands of 2014.

*image: Virginie Garnier