Hosting Tips

11 Steps To Hosting The Best Bachelorette Party Ever

By Chanel Dror

Don’t get me wrong, I love matching one-pieces that say “SQUAD” as much as the next girl. But when the time came to plan my BFF’s bachelorette party earlier this year, my co-hosts and I knew there had to be more. After countless brainstorming e-mails and texts back and forth, the three of us had a total lightbulb moment and landed on a 90’s themed beach weekend, and from that point forward, the ideas flowed like a river. From the music to the celebrities to the trends, our nostalgia kicked in to inspire party ideas that had our entire group squealing and reminiscing all weekend long. Here’s how to recreate the idea for your next all-girls getaway.

1. Bring back the heartthrobs.

Any real 90’s girl had bedroom walls plastered with the boy(s) of her dreams. We found dozens of centerfolds on eBay and used them as decor all over. Honorable mention: Devon Sawa, Josh Hartnett, Mark Paul Gosselaar and Freddie Prince Jr. Swoon.

2. Create epic welcome bags.

We wanted to gift each girl with everything they’d need to make it through the weekend in style. Our friend Lacey Kaye Creations custom-designed these retro totes with each guest’s name on it, and then we filled them with everything 90’s:

3. Grab an instant camera.

With instant film back in style, it’s easy to pay homage to the years of the Polaroid. This Instax Mini camera was a fun and easy way to remember the weekend.

4. Create a Lisa Frank photo backdrop.

Nothing, and I mean nothing screams “90’s” like Lisa Frank. The rainbow artwork made an appearance in all our photos from the weekend with this backdrop wall, which combined Lisa Frank  graphics with gold tinsel.

5. Play all the 90’s games.

Girl Talk, Mancala, Tamagotchies, MASH — we reminded ourselves of the rules and put our rusty skills to the test as we enjoyed playing these games all weekend. Now if only we’d saved our Pogs…

6. Don’t forget the movies.

There isn’t a suitcase big enough to pack up all the amazing 90’s movies and television, but we grabbed a few favorites to have on hand in case the weather didn’t cooperate. Thankfully we had sunny weather all weekend, but that didn’t stop us from playing Pete & Pete and Wayne’s World in the background. What’s your favorite 90’s flick?

7. Dress the part.

In addition to our tie dye and accessories, we rocked 90’s-style bikinis to really throw it back. Thankfully all those high-cuts and one-pieces and back in style!

8. Rock a 90’s hairstyle.

From Spice Girls-inspired do’s to “The Rachel,” the 1990’s were full of memorable hair styles. These butterfly clips brought back so many pre-teen emotions, and don’t they look kind of amazing?

9. Scrunchies are a must.

When it’s time to pull your hair back, the average elastic just isn’t gonna cut it. It’s colorful scrunchies or bust for real 90’s girls.

10. Kick back on some inflatable furniture.

What 90’s kid didn’t dream of a room filled with inflatable everything? Turns out those air-filled chairs work just as well in the sand…

11. Give the ultimate bride’s gift.

Your guest of honor will be wedding day-ready with a caboodle filled with all the must-haves. Plus, she can use it to store her friendship bracelet making supplies long after the wedding.