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A Bohemian Earth Day Picnic

By Chanel Dror
such a fun party concept -- an Earth Day picnic!

I heard a staggering report on the news this morning: Did you know that in the next century, it’s now estimated that our sea levels could rise 6 ft? That might not sound like much, but it’s double the amount that scientists had previously predicted, meaning our generation and our children’s generation could be more directly affected by the changing global climate than we thought. With Spring officially in session and Earth Day coming up, I’ve been thinking a lot about my own role in taking care of the planet — and while I’d like to claim that I do everything in my power to respect to Mother Nature, the truth is, well, I probably don’t.

This month, why not invite your closest friends over for an afternoon of clean local eats, refreshing spring sips, and for maybe the first time ever, an activity that helps celebrate Earth Day? We chose to plant beautiful flower pots, but planting trees and gardening together are fair game too! Click through for all the details, and to see how some gorgeous decor from Target helped make this get together just as beautiful as it was fun…

*photography by Buff Strickland

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For this picnic, we set up the ultimate lounge area using low furniture, tons of throw pillows and blankets, side tables, and of course, bunches of colorful spring flowers everywhere.

pictured: Boho Print Throw Blanket, Pillow with Tassels, Embroidered Striped Pillow

Spring Entertaining Tip #1: When it comes to finding the perfect outdoor party space, think outside the park! In lieu of a picnic blanket, we laid down a large piece of Astroturf to anchor our party area on Camille’s terrace. It made for an unexpected take on hanging-in-the-grass, and of course, when it comes to celebrating Earth Day, the more bright green the better!

pictured: Linear Weave Oval Tray, Zig Zag Embroidered Pillow 

In preparation for our party activity, I gathered all our potting materials — pots, shovels, potting soil and gloves — and arranged them in one place.

pictured: Threshold Linear Weave Stool and Threshold Hand Woven Cotton Printed Accent Rug

How great are these Terracotta Cereal Bowls? They have just the right earthy look, and were perfect for enjoying our healthy main course.

For our first outdoor gathering of the season, Camille whipped up a batch of her super refreshing Basil Limeade, and served it in the gorgeous cork-topped Mia Recycled Glass Carafe with matching tumblers.

Click here to get Camille’s Basil Limeade recipe!

It doesn’t get healthier (or prettier!) than this spread! Our friends at Austin’s own Blenders & Bowls brought over the tastiest acai bowls to get us energized — and not weighed down — for our afternoon activity.

pictured: Set of 3 Stoneware Plates

They also provided tons of extra toppings for us to customize the bowls to our individual liking. Camille garnished hers with cucumber, strawberry, sliced almonds, and tons of honey.

Spring Entertaining Tip #2: When setting out a build-your-own bar of any sort, sometimes fewer options are better. This way, you can be sure to highlight the best of the season’s produce, and include only ingredients that you know will work well together. Plus, guests will be relieved to know they don’t have too many tough decisions to make!

Since we were all lounging on the floor for this meal, we needed dinnerware that was easy to hold (check!), and a main course that required just one utensil (check!).

After eating, drinking and gabbing for the better part of an hour, we cleared our table to make way for our Earth Day activity.

Spring Entertaining Tip #3: In general, when mixing and matching natural materials and neutral colors, you really can’t go wrong. So how do we mix up our favorite entertaining staples? Bright throw blankets and pillows, patterned runners, colorful accent plates, and of course, vibrant seasonal blooms.

I can’t get enough of the colorful flowers that spring up in the Hill Country this time of year — I swear I’m often tempted to drive home to Houston just to catch a glimpse of the bluebonnets on the side of the road. So when I spotted these blooming Zinnias and Celosias at the nursery, I knew that planting our own flower pots would be the perfect way to soak up some spring vibes.

Jenn jumped right in by grabbing two Celiosas, and then slightly breaking apart their root balls to help the roots spread into the potting soil faster.

… then into the pot they went!

It wasn’t long before our chic picnic outfits were muddied up, but we didn’t mind! We were totally content feeding our souls and getting our hands dirty.

Spring Entertaining Tip #4: Have a giant to do list this time of year? Ask yourself which tasks can be accomplished in a group setting, and make a party out of it! By just preparing a couple easy refreshments for your guests, a chore like gardening or clearing out your closet can suddenly become a flower potting gathering or a clothes swap party.

Behold the prettiest mess ever!

Phoebe took a break from her packed schedule, and joined in on the fun between ballet and nap time.

Once our flower pots were finished, we passed around my favorite vintage copper watering can to give them each a thorough drenching.

Aren’t they so fun?! We could have carried on making flower pots all afternoon…

With a few weeks until Earth Day, I’d love to know… what are you favorite springtime activities?