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Best Bachelorette Weekend Ever!

By Jenn Rose Smith
Adorable heart shaped pool float! WANT.

I can’t think of anyone with more intimate, lifelong friends than Chanel. Our most loveable Team CS producer seems to collect them wherever she goes: middle school, her college a capella group, summer camp, and every job she’s ever had. She’s a self-proclaimed “fun-haver” and her colorful group of girlfriends are living proof — we knew that Chanel’s bachelorette weekend would be the bach’ to end all bach’es. We wanted to surprise her with some really fun decor and poolside props for the party, so we called up our friends at ModCloth to lend a hand. Lucky us, they hooked us up with some seriously fun new products from their recently launched home goods section. Pool floats and mixers in tow, the 15 of us headed down to Port Aransas for an unforgettable weekend of sun, surprises, and just plain silliness. Read on to see how we hosted the best bachelorette weekend ever!

photographed by jennifer rose smith

Essential ingredients for an incredible bachelorette weekend: good friends, good drinks, and (obviously) an amazing hashtag. We seriously couldn’t stop laughing when we came up with #dropyourdrors — this moveable letters lamp from ModCloth was the perfect little display for our tag.

Pictured: the marquee my words! lamp

Chanel’s friends were able to lock down a cool retro vacation rental known as “The Pod House” for the weekend. We covered the deck in fringed rugs and loungey pillows to amp up the swinging 70s vibes.

Pictured: round up the crew beach towel, fill it with kindness pillow, err on the side of cushion pillow

We couldn’t wait to jump in with these adorable summery pool floats!

Pictured: fro-yo entertainment float, flock on the wild side pool float, a love aquatic pool float, you have frozen wisely pool float

We dressed up the deck chairs at the Pod House using colorful beach towels and pillows.

Pictured: run a bright ship beach towelfill it with kindness pillow, err on the side of cushion pillow

Chanel’s bestie Annie was the first to hit the pool on Friday.

Pictured: flock on the wild side pool float

We put together a pretty cheese and charcuterie board as a nod to the location of Chanel’s upcoming vows: The Loire Valley, France!

Chanel and her friend Michaele spent the afternoon lounging in a heart-shaped pool float.

Pictured: a love aquatic pool float

Camille checked out the spiral staircase leading down to the pool — just one of the fun 70s architectural touches of the Pod House.

We couldn’t get enough of ModCloth’s fun textiles — like this flamingo covered tea towel.

Pictured: hows the feather out there tea towel setthe marquee my words! lamp

Two of Chanel’s oldest friends Allison and Suzanna lounged together before we hit the nearby beach.

In hindsight, we’re pretty darn proud of our four-level pyramid with the bride-to-be on top!


Of all the fun ModCloth products we scored for the party, these floating flamingo koozies were probably the biggest hit — how cute are they?!

Pictured: shake your cocktail feathers drink float set

It only took us a few tries to fire up our mini grill at night — who needs boys after all?

We indulged in one of Chanel’s favorites before hitting the town for karaoke and dancing — hot dogs and mustard!

And we grabbed one last shot of the group before hitting the town for a crazy karaoke filled night (Port A locals are probably still recovering from Annie’s rendition of “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. Amazing.) Thanks ModCloth for helping us throw the best bachelorette ever!

We love you, Chanel.

Next stop: France!