I have a new favorite party trick guys — it involves using a bleach pen on any and every textile imaginable to personalize my tabletop accessories. So I’m warning you: though today’s DIY project is my first public foray into the craft, something tells me it wont be the last. Keep reading to learn how to make your own monogram denim napkins (that also double as place cards!)…

The cool thing abut bleaching store-bought fabrics is that you can never be too sure what the result will be. The color might lighten (often the case with denim), or it could shift to be a different color altogether. For that reason, you always want to do a test on a swatch of fabric.

And the best thing about these? Your guests can take them home to use as tea towels in their kitchen, or as personalized napkins on their own table.

*photos by Laura Alexandra

Bleached Monogram Napkins



  1. Cut individual napkins out of your yard of fabric. I sized mine 14' x 18'.
  2. Fold fabric to your desired orientation -- I went with a classic trifold rectangle. Cut card stock to fit underneath the top layer of material, and slide it into the folded fabric.
  3. Give your Clorox pen a good shake, then carefully handwrite the name of each guest. You can do this in pencil first to be avoid mistakes! Set a timer and let the bleach sit for 20 minutes.
  4. Rinse under running water and allow to dry completely.

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Chanel Dror