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DIY Key to My Heart

By Jenn Rose Smith
Key to My Heart DIY Valentine

Key to My Heart DIY Valentine

A few months ago I came across a great image on Pinterest — a styled shot of tasseled hotel keys from The Grand Budapest Hotel. I stumbled happily down a rabbit hole that ended at the portfolio site of Annie Atkins, the incredible designer hired by Wes Anderson to create the graphic elements for the film. Inspired by her whimsical tasseled keys, we decided to create our own fictitious fobs for this year’s free Valentine’s Day printable. Read below for everything you’ll need to create this simple “Key to My Heart” DIY valentine:

Key to My Heart DIY ValentineSUPPLIES:

  • Pink, red, or white tassels
  • Vintage Keys
  • Scissors
  • Small hole punch
  • Home printer
  • White or cream card stock paper
  • Our free downloadable template

Key to My Heart DIY Valentine


  1. Download our free printable template
  2. Print the file on to card stock paper
  3. Carefully cut out the key fobs, being sure to cut just to the outside of the ink (not on the line)
  4. Using the small hole punch, create one hole in the top center of each fob
  5. Thread the fob onto the tassel and loop the tassel onto the end of the key
  6. Choose your recipients carefully… Happy Valentine’s Day!

Key to My Heart DIY Valentine