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By Camille Styles
Entertaining with Georgia Pellegrini | Camille Styles

One of my very favorite aspects of this job is constantly being blown away by the creativity, courage and cleverness of so many women that we get to interview and feature on the site. Really, I am wowed on an almost-daily basis. Today’s Entertaining With subject, Georgia Pellegrini, is definitely one such fabulous female. Born to a long line of creatives, Georgia has carved out a niche all her own as a hunter, gatherer and pioneer, albeit one who does it with such femininity and flair that, well, there’s no one quite like her. Georgia’s latest book, Modern Pioneering, hits shelves next week, so we thought it was the perfect time to catch up with this busy gal and get a sneak peek into how she entertains at her airy, light-filled home.

The entertaining rule I rarely break: 

Be ready. I don’t like walking into a party where the host is frantic and stressed because it sets an awkward tone. I want my guests to be transported, inspired and to make memories with me.

The perfect dinner party playlist includes: 

Dave Brubeck. It transports me back to my childhood when my dad had his records on. And, there’s something so classic and distinctive about his music — it makes everyone smile.

My dream dinner guests: 

MFK Fisher, my great-grandfather George W. Gray who was also a writer and Ryan Gosling. Oh what a strange and wonderful dinner that would be…

My entertaining style in 5 words or less: 

Primitive modern meets modern pioneering.

Get the recipe for Georgia’s Homemade Gin & Tonic here.

Get the recipe for Georgia’s Homemade Gin & Tonic here.

The restaurant meal I’ll never forget: 

Being a chef, I have been fed by other chefs in the most epic ways. To me, it’s always about the people you’re with. I think perhaps the best meal was sitting in a garden in the south of France under the stars, dining on foods from the garden of a Michelin-starred restaurant. I worked there, but I had friends visiting so they fed me as a guest that night instead, and it was magical. But, give me a few minutes and I’ll think of five more amazing meals. All of my memories are defined by the meals I’ve eaten throughout life — it’s how I knew I had to make a career in food.

What (if anything) scares you about entertaining?

Not being able to be present, and enjoy the people and the moment. I plan my menu, so it can be executed in advance or can execute itself while I’m socializing. I may put a few finishing touches on before I serve, but I want to feel a breezy contentment while I’m hosting. How I feel effects the energy of the party and the experience people have.

Not only does Georgia cook and entertain, but she also seeks adventurous opportunities. Her newest venture, Modern Pioneering, comes out next week — check out the newly-released book trailer for a glimpse of recipes, projects and skills for a self-sufficient life!

Always in my refrigerator: 

Hot sauce galore. I just love adding a little kick to my meals.

What are you cooking up today?

Watermelon varieties are available in dwarf sizes and don’t require the land you might think you would need to grow them. The fruit can be served with savory ingredients as much as sweet ones. Here is a little savory medley with a boozy dressing for a decidedly grownup salad. The basil can be substituted for arugula, which is equally delicious though not as spicy. 

My signature entertaining dish: 

Meat, often meat that I’ve killed myself. I’m known for my more exotic meats but any large beautiful piece of meat is what people can rely on me for. I also grew up gardening on the same land that my great-grandfather lived on and love beautiful vegetables and in general I like to let pure ingredients speak for themselves. It is part of my whole food and cooking philosophy.

My standard hostess outfit: 

A dress. Always a dress. I think about my grandmother and how she always looked feminine. I like bright colors, fun patterns, even polka dots.

Get the recipe for Georgia’s “Tipsy” Watermelon Salad here.

Current favorite color palette for parties: 

Gold and black. Ever since buying my house, I’ve been attracted to all things gold to fit into this modern space and go with all of the primitive elements I bring in from my outdoor adventures. I started with these gold and black vintage glasses and gold Italian silverware and went from there.

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