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A European Inspired Backyard Brunch with Heather Taylor

September 7th, 2018

When we arrived at Heather Taylor’s house we were an hour late. We’d gone to the wrong (but confusingly similar) address in the Hollywood Hills and waited there until we were greeted by the owner of the home, a somewhat testy man on a motorcycle. He was not impressed.

Thankfully we eventually found Heather’s home, where we received a warm welcome despite our tardiness. She and her husband, Alex de Cordoba, live in a sunny mid-century home with their two daughters Scarlett and Marigold. Heather’s the owner and founder of Heather Taylor Home, a line of home goods and textiles that are simultaneously both modern and classic. The day of the shoot she was also preparing to host a sample sale and remodeling part of the house with workers on site. “Sorry about the house right now,” she said with a laugh. But we were secretly thrilled for the chance to browse her pretty designs in person, and get an inside look into the life of a busy Los Angeles designer. Scroll down to see how Heather entertains in her dreamy backyard (and swoon over her one year old daughter, Marigold.)

photographed by kristen kilpatrick

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  1. Karin Pereira says:

    Being European myself, I love those breakfast mornings with cold cuts, cheeses, jams, fruit, but I a craving the typical “Broetchen” m a type of small baguette if you like,, with good coffee, of course.

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