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How Food Writer Deana Saukam Entertains on the Road

June 27th, 2018

Travel and food writer Deana Saukam is not an easy girl to pin down. When she isn’t hopping between Austin and Los Angeles, Deana (aka faim fatale) maintains an itinerary that would impress the most die hard traveler. She’s been around the world and back, and tasted EVERYTHING along the way. Thai-spiced grasshoppers, Parisian éclairs, Maldivian egg curry… there isn’t much she’s afraid to bite into. But of all her favorite foodie destinations, Cambodia is the one she can’t stop going back to. She’s passionate about Cambodian food, and deeply inspired by the idea of sharing this culture’s incredible cuisine with the rest of the world. She’s currently working on a Cambodian cookbook, but in the meantime she’s sharing her love of Cambodian cooking the old fashioned way — by inviting a few friends over for a home cooked meal.

We caught up with Deana in Austin at HOTELette, the discreet boutique hotel just off South Congress owned by our friend Allison Crawford. Deana, Allison, and their friend Rashanna Moss (owner of Pure Barre Austin) got together to make dumplings, talk travel, and share a few big laughs before Deana hit the road again. Scroll down to see how Deana entertains when she’s traveling (and for two mouth-watering Cambodian recipe ideas!)

photographed by wynn myers

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