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A Full Moon Feast is the Best New Halloween Party Idea

Break out the lunar calendar and the hookah.

By Jenn Rose Smith
Group of women celebrating the full moon

Halloween is my absolute favorite night of the year, but it’s also crazy competitive for hosting. I’ve learned it the hard way — as tempting as it is to throw the best-ever costume party on October 31st, you’re running the real risk of people skipping out early to party hop.

So why do we have to cram all the fun into just one night? Why not embrace an entire Halloween season?

This year I came up with the perfect off-night October celebration: a full moon feast, hosted on the night of the full moon that happens closest to Halloween. We broke out the lunar calendar and collaborated with our friends at Pershing House, a private member’s club and event space, to host a mystical moonlit dinner for eight. Pershing House chef Zach Davis created an incredible fall feast, and the night unfolded with surprises along the way, including smoking drinks and an impromptu jam session. At one point a hookah made an appearance. Just how fun was this party? For the first time in six years, I didn’t show up for work the next day. I’m blaming it on the full moon.

Camille in vintage fringe! The colorful smoke bombs I brought to the party made for crazy fun photo props before dinner.

I set each place setting with a small bundle of palo santo tied with twine.

We encouraged our guests to wear their best vintage/bohemian threads. I think Scott nailed it, no?

Chanel read aloud from The Golden Book of Fortune Telling before dinner.

Our first course was black garlic hummus and veggies — ridiculously good.

We were obsessed with these smoking charcoal mezcal cocktails the Pershing House created just for our dinner.

Grilled tricolore asparagus for the table. 

I had a very specific vision for this event, and in the end I couldn’t believe what a perfect fit Pershing House was for our dinner. Truly kismet.

The super secret members only club in East Austin doesn’t allow photography inside, but I can tell you this: the interiors are dark, vibey, and unbelievably cool. It’s the perfect place to escape the chaos of our growing city and unwind with like-minded friends.

*If you are interested in applying for Pershing House membership, please read more here.

The full menu created for us by Pershing House chef Zach Davis:

Full Moon Feast

absinthe and honey soaked melon and mango

black garlic hummus and veggies

golden raspberries and mitica nuts(or corn nuts)

tricolore asparagus

grilled rapini and cauliflower

whole branzino 

lamb chops

texas wagyu ribeye with mission figs and maytag cheese

Zach’s lamb chops, cooked to tender perfection.

In a world full of “small bites” and shared plates, it was really fun to experience a true feast. I’m talking about eight courses, y’all! So indulgent and decadent and fun… just right for fall.

After dinner Pershing House surprised us by bringing out a hookah for the table. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s an Indian smoking device used to vaporize flavored tobacco, cannabis, or opium.

We enjoyed a strawberry flavored something, and no one had any regrets the next day. Not even Camille.

CS Studio Manager Megan surprised us with one of her many hidden talents — blowing perfect smoke rings.

If you know me, you know that my very favorite after dinner activity is a song circle… and I’m not afraid to tote along a few instruments to a party in hopes that it might happen. Fortunately for me, the full moon was in my favor.

Scott, who is the lead singer of Austin band Boyfrndz took requests after dinner.

This night was so much fun we ended up staying at Pershing House until the wee hours of the morning. On a Monday. What can I say? There’s just something truly magical about a harvest moon on a perfect fall night. Happy Halloween, y’all.