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This Holiday Kids’ Table Will Make You Never Want to Grow Up

By Jenn Rose Smith
the cutest holiday kids' table!

The kids’ table is always a fun place to spend a holiday meal — a safe haven from the boring formalities of the adult dining room. (My cousin and I like to joke that we are “forever kids” because we still haven’t given up our seats at the super casual table in my aunt’s kitchen.) This year I thought it would be fun to create a whimsical children’s table where any kid would be excited to sit. I took a little inspiration from the classic children’s books, The Chronicles of Narnia, and dreamed up a magical winter wonderland with a few woodsy touches. Read on to discover how I created this snowy table setting and see how much Phoebe and her friends loved sitting there!

photographed by kristen kilpatrick


I found these gorgeous paper crowns made by Walter Kunze. They’re traditional German party favors manufactured with centuries-old, original molds from the  Erzgebirge region around Dresden. Take a close look at the crowns to see all the small lovely embossed details.

The girls especially loved the little white birds I pinned to the canopy over the table. I picked up the inexpensive ornaments at a local craft store.

Phoebe and her two friends, Ellie and Greta wore their favorite fairy dresses for the occasion.

We tied white grosgrain ribbon around each set of silverware to give it a dressy touch.

The girls loved wearing their crowns!

I tied a gold jingle bell to the back of each chair with white ribbon.

I used a faux cedar garland for the centerpiece and added a few real pinecones to it.

Phoebe looked like a real princess in her white dress and gold crown!

I created the mobile chandelier using fishing wire, twigs, and a few star shaped Christmas ornaments.

The girls enjoyed a few holiday cookies while we took photos.

You can see how I used the existing canopy in Phoebe’s bedroom to create the “tent” over the table. I pinned each side of the canopy to the wall with a little white bird.

Our models were right at home at this fantastical table. We may have a new generation of “forever kids” on our hands.