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A Laid Back Mother’s Day Picnic

By Chanel Dror
the perfect spot for a summer picnic

I can’t help but feel the pressure when it comes to Mother’s Day. I find myself trying to plan the ideal day for Mom, and hoping to perfect every last detail — the food has to be good, the gifts just right, and the heartfelt message in the greeting card? If that doesn’t draw a tear or two, I’ve failed as a daughter.

This year, rather than over-planning, I’ve decided to do just the opposite. Instead, we’re going with a laid back picnic in the park, with details that couldn’t be simpler, and thanks to Boursin Cheese, a menu that couldn’t be more delicious. So whether you’re planning for Mom or you are mom (or both!), click through our gallery for tips and recipes to make this Mother’s Day your best — and most relaxed — ever!

*photography by Kate LeSueur

We laid a foundation with arguably the most important element of the day: the picnic blanket. This seersucker striped one is soft yet durable, and with its corner tassels, it was the obvious choice for our Mother’s Day lunch.

We can all agree that fresh flowers make any meal feel special, so when it comes to honoring mom, they’re a must. But instead of running to the flower market and carefully transporting an arrangement to your picnic, we suggest just bringing a pair of scissors to snip some fresh blooms on-site. Oh! And if there are no flowers to be found, a few sprigs of greenery or fresh herbs work just as well.

Fill a small bud-vase with a few inches of water, and drop the flowers in for a sweet wild-flower arrangement.

We believe everyone should have a classic picnic basket in their home. You might think it’s unnecessary and that reusable shopping bags work just as well, but trust us when we say that picnic baskets make the world a better place. Click here to shop one of our favorites!

When scoping out the perfect picnicking spot, always search for a comfortable shaded area and level ground… because sitting awkwardly at an incline is never a good look.

We filled our baskets with the essentials:

  • kraft boxes filled with individually packed lunches
  • refreshing bottled beverages
  • linen napkins (with extras in case of a spill!)
  • forks

Then we kicked back, and let everyone snack and sip at their leisure.

We kept the menu simple with a mixed greens salad and a delicious baguette sandwich. Then for an unexpected touch that’s sure to make any mom squeal, we hand-lettered a sweet Mother’s Day wish onto the inner flaps of the to-go box.

To make the perfect picnic sandwich…

  1. Cut a French baguette into 6-inch long sections, then cut each section in half long ways.
  2. Spread a mint pesto onto one half of the baguette.
  3. On the other half, layer Boursin Cheese, sliced cucumber, smoked salmon, and micro greens.
  4. Press the two halves together, then tie up with newspaper and twine for a presentation just as adorable as the sandwich is delicious.

And since the produce this time of year is to-die-for, we filled paper lunch sacks with grapes, strawberries and oranges, then arranged it all on a tray. The easiest, most refreshing side dish.

When the meal is over, bring out the cards and presentsHappy Mother’s Day!