Michelle Adams of The Maryn

By Jenn Rose Smith
chilled avocado soup

Scrolling through the online shop The Maryn is a lot like going over to your most stylish friend’s place for after dinner drinks. You’ll want to take notes on EVERYTHING you see, from the dinnerware to the artwork. So when shop owner, editor and marketing consultant Michelle Adams invited us to her home for a healthy January lunch, we could barely keep our cool. Turns out her taste in food is every bit as good as it is in decor. Scroll down to see how Michelle used her favorite tabletop items from her shop to serve up an incredible vegetarian meal.

photographed by marta xochilt perez
flowers by university flower shop



What inspired today’s gathering?

A lot of my friends mentioned that they’re interested in starting cleanses like Whole30 or the Clean program in the new year, so I thought it could be fun to have a healthy brunch and share some vegetarian recipes with my meat-loving friends. There are so many incredible resources available today–my favorites are Green Kitchen Stories and well, all of Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbooks. Her latest, Goop Clean Beauty, has some outstanding recipes that make healthy eating an easy part of your daily routine.

We are big fans of everything you curate at the Maryn. You have such an incredible eye! What do you love about what you do?

Everything! I spent a decade learning the ropes and figuring out what makes me happy, so I feel incredibly lucky to now have the freedom to choose the projects I work on. I love helping people build their businesses in creative ways, conceptualizing new brands, and supporting women in business. That brings me the most joy actually. 

On the menu for today:

The menu comes from one of my favorite cookbooks, Green Kitchen Travels. I served Vietnamese iced coffee, an upside-down beet tower, chilled avocado soup, baked mushrooms with orange and quinoa tabbouleh, and raw key lime mousse for dessert. All healthy, yet so tasty you’d have no idea. 

Your must-have entertaining tools:

Cookbooks. I’m a very visual learner, so books with great photography and easy to follow steps appeal to me. I’ve got quite the collection of them! I’m also addicted to my Vitamix. 

Your standard hostess outfit:

I opt for flowy linen or cotton pieces and fun earrings.  Lately I’ve been obsessed with a clothing line called Black Crane. They make the most perfect tops and dresses that are elegant without trying too hard.  I also can’t get enough of Annie Costello Brown’s earrings. 

What (if anything) scares you about entertaining:

I tend to worry whether people are having a good time, because I overthink things in general. I want people to feel at home in my house and that nothing is too precious. On New Year’s Eve this year I hosted a party where I encouraged my guests to dance around my white furniture while holding glasses of red wine and punch. We had an absolute blast and I feel like that’s what entertaining is all about.  

Click here for Michelle’s Cold Avocado Soup recipe.

The taste you’re always craving:

Chocolate and pickles. Let’s be honest. 

Always in your fridge:

Kombucha, sauvignon blanc, pickles, cilantro, almond milk and blueberries. Random, I know!  

Your dream dinner party guests:

I’m fascinated by stylist Jessica de Ruiter and would love to pick her brain. I’m also intrigued by Ben Towill and Phil Winser who founded The Fat Radish and are currently working to change the food industry as we know it.  Lastly, I’d love to chat with Taryn Toomey who founded The Class. I’m attending a panel discussion with her this weekend and can hardly wait!  

One of your most memorable nights of hosting guests:

The first time I hosted my own “real” dinner party!  I was 19 and had just purchased my first dining table from a furniture shop where I worked during college. I remember how excited I was to try out all the entertaining ideas I had torn out of magazines and saved from my favorite design books (this was definitely pre-pinterest days)!  It was an autumn themed dinner (which makes me laugh now) and I invited 5 guests and sprinkled leaves on the table with candles and flowers.  My boyfriend and I cooked up a few courses and my guests were pretty blown away. At that point in our lives, we were used to college cafeteria food and ramen noodles, so it was a pretty special evening.

How would you describe your home decor?

It’s fairly eclectic as I’ve collected my favorite pieces over the years and while traveling, but in general I aim for casual elegance and a home that feels like it could be by the sea. I’m inspired by architect Michele Bonan and look to his layouts and symmetry for a timeless home. I’m also passionate about art and textiles, which is evident throughout my house.  

One the best meals of your life that you’ll never forget:

A few years ago I visited Canyon Ranch with my dear friend and doctor, Penelope McDonnell. After taking back-to-back workout classes all day, we ate dinner at Canyon’s restaurant that has a Mayo Clinic approved menu. Penelope selected all of the courses and even the wine, and it was to die for good yet insanely healthy! I geek out over health and fitness, so spending a day with my doctor and nourishing myself at every level was the absolute best.   

Guests Mary Anderson and Sean Pajot join Michelle for lunch.

Rules to live by for good table conversation:

Invite your favorite people and let them do the rest. 

Fill in the blank: “It’s not a party without _______.”

A killer playlist.

I love mixing genres and eras of music to create an unexpected playlist. There’s no reason you can’t follow a German electropop song with a little Johnny Cash! Just be sure that the change of rhythm isn’t too jarring, and that the volume during dinner is set to a level where your guests can converse. When in doubt, a safe rule is to play blues and jazz during dinner so that people can easily talk, and then save the upbeat tracks for later. 

Your entertaining style in five words or fewer:

Make it welcoming and memorable. 

Perfect. We are seriously obsessed with your style and healthy menu. Are any of the beautiful things you used today available in your shop?

Yes! The following items are available at The Maryn:


Plates & bowls

Woven placemats

Blue napkins

Wine/water glasses

Juice glasses (used to serve the dessert) 

Tray (used to serve the dessert)


White vases (holding the flower arrangements on the table) 

Star dish

Art on the wall

Art leaning on bar table

Earrings that I’m wearing