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Mollie Brown of Due East

September 7th, 2017

Just one look at her gorgeous instagram feed reveals Mollie Brown’s talent for scouting and buying textiles. She and her husband Graham Brown (a TV content producer) share a love for travel, and for bringing home the absolute best artifacts and souvenirs from far away places. After spending time with good friends who live there, the couple fell particularly in love with the Moroccan city of Marrakesh. As their trips between Texas and Morocco became more frequent, Mollie began thinking about ways she could bring what she loved about Marrakesh home to Austin. Lucky us: she’s launching a textile company here this fall where she’ll be doing just that. She’s calling it Due East — a name that reflects the little known fact that Texas and Morocco share the same latitude (along with a tradition of sturdy woven textiles and a love for outdoor entertaining). We met up with Mollie to check out her first shipment of goods from Marrakesh and see how she uses them in her own unique “Texas-meets-Morocco” style of entertaining.

photographed by kate zimmerman

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  1. Kami Chiang says:

    Love this space. Where can I get those colossal pillows?

  2. Diane Parkhill Smith says:

    Wonderful pictures! I loved the
    Backyard and patio decor.

  3. Linne Sitzer says:

    I just pored over this delicious story and incredible photos! I love/want EVERYTHING!!!!!

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