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A Marie Antoinette Bridal Shower

May 9th, 2016

Four months into my engagement, and I’ve learned that planning a wedding is a full time job. Lesson #1: If any event — like an engagement party, a bridal shower, a bachelorette party — can be passed off to friends or family, you’d be wise to give them complete autonomy over planning.

I was originally reluctant to have any kind of bridal shower at all, but when the good folks over at Austin’s Hotel Ella offered up their stunning ballroom for a wedding event, I quickly began rethinking my stance. Suddenly the idea of a shower began to sound appealing, and well, I couldn’t help but fantasize over what my dream shower would look like. But was I really going to do the unthinkable and plan my own? Add more to-do items to my endless list?

Thankfully, the rest of the girls immediately jumped on board and offered up their talents to help create a party unlike any we’ve ever thrown — one that was all at once grand, playful and feminine. Click through to see all the details from our Marie Antoinette-themed gathering, inspired by my destination wedding in France and Sofia Coppola’s unforgettable 2006 film…

*photography by Kate LeSueur

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  1. Ros says:

    … Did you include the starving peasants, or the revolution, or the guillotine? Because all those lovely images (and, seriously, your pictures are absolutely gorgeous, that’s not what I’m criticizing) are based on the concentration of wealth on such a small elite that people were LITERALLY starving and LITERALLY massacred that elite in hopes of a better future. Only taking the visuals without the rest seems a bit… erm… missing the point.

  2. Oh my goodness, this is beautiful. A far cry from the cliche bridal shower/hen party tat and you may have inspired an idea for my own bridal shower this summer <3 Lisa

  3. Oh, what a lovely event! Cannot recall how I ended up on your blog – but so happy that I did! Growing up, I was quite enamored with the idea of Marie Antoinette’s life, but even more so after my husband and I visited Versailles.

    Best of luck on your wedding preparation, love!

  4. This has Blair Waldorf written all over it <3 <3

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