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How To Host The Ultimate Tree Trimming Party

By Chanel Dror
trimming the tree

Do you guys have any tree trimming traditions? Since this is our team’s first holiday season in the new studio, we have the opportunity to create a few new traditions of our own, and if today’s story is any indication, I think we’re off to a good start.

We partnered with our friends at Pints and Plates to design a tree trimming party that’s simple, unique, and most of all, delicious. Because as much as we love drinking beer in Texas all year round, knowing what to pair it with — especially in these winter months — can be tricky. For this gathering, we dove deep into the Pints and Plates archives to find recipes and pairings that are perfect for a cozy Scandinavian affair. Keep scrolling for a sneak peek and head over to Pints and Plates to get all the party details, plus those mouthwatering recipes.

This content was created in partnership with Pints and Plates.

photography by kate zimmerman

We took inspiration from folkloric Nordic holiday decor to create a beautiful winter get-together that encouraged guests to stay a while. For the palette, we went with unexpected blue, white and cream patterns with pops of red, while greenery add texture and warmth throughout.

Have you guys ever tried Grolsch beer? It’s from The Netherlands, and after trying it at this gathering, our entire team is swearing by this brew. It’s so tasty, and the solid green glass bottle with a signature swing-top makes this Pilsner pretty enough to have on your holiday table.

Blue Moon is a beer that most of us were already familiar with (and love!), but we had no idea how well it paired with cheese. Combined with this spread of goat cheese and sesame crackers, we discovered a match made in flavor heaven.

After a bit of sipping and snacking, we pulled up a seat to kick off the meal.

The full menu put a modern spin on some traditional Nordic foods, complementing the decor and offering guests something a little less expected than the average Christmas ham.

We set up this fun tree trimming area, complete with everything guests needed to add their personal touch to our tree — shiny ball ornaments, wooden bead garlands, and popcorn for stringing, to name a few.

This low juniper shrub was the perfect size to place in this cozy corner, and its sparseness feels modern and fresh in our space.

Now this is one mess we don’t mind.

Isn’t she a beauty?! We’re so thrilled with how our little tree turned out. Head over here to get all the party details, plus all those mouth watering recipes.