What are you doing on New Year’s Eve? As tradition would have it, you’ve got two options — go out, or stay in — but we’ve found that the best NYE celebrations usually fall somewhere in the middle. Preferably, a dinner party that lasts way past midnight, in the home (and company) of close friends. With that in mind, this year we wanted to plan a New Years Eve celebration that reflects our current mood, and the result is this intimate double-date idea that’s low on stress, but on big on party. A pre-made fondue from Emmi inspires a delicious and memorable menu, while a few monochromatic details add chic decor that are sure to make the first night of the new year feel extra special. Read on to find out how to bring this party to life.

It doesn’t get much easier than this menu. Emmi’s Ready-to-Serve Original Fundü includes everything needed to make the perfect fondue — that includes the Swiss cheese, white wine and Kirsch brandy! I arranged this lineup of dippers (and had extras on hand to replenish) that also served as a striking centerpiece, allowing guests to graze at will. When it was all set up and ready to go, we heated up the fondue and served it over a lit tea light straight away. Let the dipping commence!

This definitely isn’t your average Tuesday night dinner. From meat and veggies, to fruit and toasted bread, there were plenty of bites to experiment with, and having one fondue pot for each couple to share added an interactive, more social element to the meal.

Our photographer Dagny brought over this amazing vintage instant camera, and it took the coolest pictures! Our photo backdrop was made by blowing up an image, and printing individual parts of it onto separate pieces of card stock paper. We then mounted the image grid onto the wall with tape, and it instantly set a festive tone for the party. Such a fun way to commemorate the start of the New Year!

While the champagne was a constant throughout the evening, we traded in our fondue bites for a sweeter alternative — delicious petit fours in our party palette of black and white. Eating just one proved to be impossible.

Cheers to another great year, friends! We’d love to hear your plans for the big night, and if you’re looking to have a fondue-licious dinner party like ours, Emmi’s Ready-to-Serve Original Fondü can be found in the deli cheese area at your local grocer or specialty cheese shop. Find it near you at these locations.

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