Well, it’s finally warm outside and summer is on the way. That means school’s out, the temperature is pushing 95 degrees, and the pools are packed. If you’re like me and prefer sunbathing to splashing in the water, the next best way to beat the heat is with an ice-cold cocktail. There’s nothing better than sitting in my backyard at the end of the day with my husband and an aperitif, and these three-ingredient cocktails are here to save the day!

There are literally thousands of cocktail recipes around, but I have one rule of thumb for my warm-weather drinks of choice: the simpler, the better.

I’m talking three ingredients or less. Especially in the summer—I’d rather spend my time sipping a cocktail than making it.

This summer, my go-to drink is Ranch Water (tequila, Topo Chico, and a lime wedge), but I know tequila can be hit or miss for some. Whether it’s warm-weather season or not, having a simple, go-to cocktail ready to go in your back pocket is invaluable. With that in mind, I’ve rounded up the yummiest three-ingredient cocktails I could find. Keep these cocktail recipes in your back pocket and spend less time crafting your cocktails and more time enjoying them!

You’re definitely going to wanna try these tasty three-ingredient cocktails!

Watermelon Margarita from Minimalist Baker

There are few things as refreshing as a watermelon on a hot day, it’s the epitome of fresh summer fruit. This watermelon margarita recipe from Minimalist Baker just might reign supreme—it’s nothing fancy while also being the perfect cocktail. Get yourself some watermelon, lime juice, and tequila for a seriously delicious treat.

Classic Martini from Bon Appetit

It doesn’t get cooler (literally and figuratively) than a classic martini. All you need is some gin, vermouth, lemon and you’re good to go. It’s an eternally chic cocktail option!

Cherry Amaretto Limeade from Take Two Tapas

If you’re an Amaretto sour fan then you’re definitely going to want to try this refreshing twist on a classic limeade. It’s perfectly tart with a splash of sweetness.

Classic Daiquiri from The Spruce Eats

Daquiris generally call to mind sugary slushies on a boardwalk, but as it happens, the original recipe was incredibly light and simple. Rum, simple syrup, and lime juice make this as fresh and bright as can imagine.

Elderflower Rosé from Lark & Linen

Elevate your favorite bottle of sparkling rosé with a delectable dash of elderflower liqueur and a sprig of thyme. You’ll feel like you’re lounging in the gardens of Downton Abbey.

Moscow Mule from Gimme Some Oven

An ice-cold Moscow Mule is just what we need at the end of a long, hot day. The copper mug isn’t necessary, but it certainly adds to the ambiance, doesn’t it? Get yourself some vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice over a ton of ice and you’re in business.

Cranberry Orange Mimosa from Crazy for Crust

Mimosas aren’t just for brunch anymore! Whip up this easy and incredibly delicious mimosa bellini next time you need to punch up a bit of juice. Make one for yourself or throw together a pitcher for all to enjoy. It couldn’t be easier.

White Russian from Rachel Cooks

If you’re anything like me, it’s been far too long since the last time you had a white Russian. Indulge in this decadent cocktail next time you’ve got a craving some something truly special.

Classic Negroni from A Beautiful Mess

One of our favorite three-ingredient cocktails, the classic negroni never goes out of style. It’s refreshing, nice and strong, and eternally sexy.

Lemonade Prosecco Punch from Crazy for Crust

How gorgeous is this simple three-ingredient cocktail? It looks and tastes so much fancier than it actually is, making it the perfect option for your next weekend unwind.

This post was originally published on June 13, 2019, and has since been updated.

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