15 Three-Ingredient Cocktails You Can Make Tonight

Coming to a porch near you.

By Rachelle Shuttlesworth

It’s finally warming up outside, and in most places, the weather we wait for all year round is back in earnest. When spring hits, there are a couple places you can find me: out on a walk admiring the bright and blooming flowers, hitting my city’s best patios, or gathering with my gals to sip on our favorite three-ingredient cocktails. Sure, sometimes we’re down to enjoy something a little more complex and involved, but when push comes to shove, I love a drink that’s flavorful without being fussy. Conclusion? The best way to beat the oncoming heat is with an ice-cold cocktail, y’all.

There’s really no better season than spring. The days are longer, the trees are blossoming, fresh fruit and veg can be found in abundance, and everyone’s hitting their respective cities’ best patios. There’s nothing better than sitting in my backyard at the end of the day with my husband and an aperitif—and these three-ingredient cocktails are here to save the day. Because I’d rather spend my time sipping a cocktail than making it.

But here’s the reality: Whether it’s warm-weather season or not, having a simple, go-to cocktail ready to go in your back pocket is invaluable. With that in mind, I’ve rounded up the yummiest three-ingredient cocktails I could find. Keep these cocktail recipes in your back pocket and spend less time crafting your cocktails and more time enjoying them!

Feature image by Kristen Kilpatrick.

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Rhubarb Lilac Spritzer_three-ingredient cocktails

Rhubarb Lilac Spritzer from Lark & Linen

Why We Love It: Rhubarb is one of my favorite in-season spring fruits. It’s perfect in pies, tangy in tarts, and deliciously at home in this refreshing and light spritzer.

Hero Ingredient: But lilac’s lovely floral notes are unbeatable.

Get the recipe for Rhubarb Lilac Spritzer.

Watermelon Margarita_three-ingredient cocktails

Watermelon Margarita from Minimalist Baker

Why We Love It: There are few things as refreshing as a watermelon on a hot day; it’s the epitome of fresh summer fruit. This watermelon margarita recipe just might reign supreme—it’s nothing fancy while also being the perfect cocktail. Get yourself some watermelon, lime juice, and tequila for a seriously delicious treat.

Hero Ingredient: It’s a toss-up between the watermelon and the tequila, but I’ll give the trophy to the former. That’s where all the flavor is, after all.

Get the recipe for Watermelon Margarita.

Classic Vodka Martini_three-ingredient cocktails

Classic Vodka Martini from Jones Red & White

Why We Love It: It doesn’t get cooler (literally and figuratively) than a classic martini. All you need is vodka, vermouth, lemon peel and you’re good to go. It’s my dad’s favorite cocktail, but universally enjoyed by all.

Hero Ingredient: Lemon peel doubles as being both aesthetically pleasing and this drink’s driving flavor.

Get the recipe for Classic Vodka Martini.

Cherry Amaretto Limeade_three-ingredient cocktails

Cherry Amaretto Limeade from Take Two Tapas

Why We Love It: If you’re an Amaretto sour fan then you’re definitely going to want to try this refreshing twist on a classic limeade. It’s perfectly tart with a splash of sweetness.

Hero Ingredient: Hot take: Limeade > lemonade.

Get the recipe for Cherry Amaretto Limeade.

Classic Daiquiri_three-ingredient cocktails

Classic Daiquiri from The Spruce Eats

Why We Love It: Daquiris generally call to mind sugary slushies on a boardwalk, but as it happens, the original recipe was incredibly light and simple. Rum, simple syrup, and lime juice make this as fresh and bright as can imagine.

Hero Ingredient: The lime juice gives your daiquiri a nice little pucker to offset the simple syrup’s sweetness.

Get the recipe for Classic Daiquiri.

Elderflower Rosé_three-ingredient cocktails

Elderflower Rosé from Lark & Linen

Why We Love It: Elevate your favorite bottle of sparkling rosé with a delectable dash of elderflower liqueur and a sprig of thyme. You’ll feel like you’re lounging in the gardens of Downton Abbey.

Hero Ingredient: It’s hard to say—the three components of this sparkling bev are all just so good. But I’ll give it up to the rosé that gives your glass a blushy, sparkly shine.

Get the recipe for Elderflower Rosé.

Moscow Mule_three-ingredient cocktails

Moscow Mule from Gimme Some Oven

Why We Love It: An ice-cold Moscow Mule is just what we need at the end of a long, hot day. The copper mug isn’t necessary, but it certainly adds to the ambiance, doesn’t it? Get yourself some vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice over a ton of ice and you’re in business.

Hero Ingredient: Ginger beer does bubbly spice to perfection.

Get the recipe for Moscow Mule.

Refreshing Cucumber Lime Margaritas_three-ingredient cocktails

Refreshing Cucumber Lime Margaritas from Tastes Lovely

Why We Love It: For some reason, it wasn’t until recently that I came around to cucumber’s cooling beauty in all my favorite drinks (on that note, you need to try this Cucumber-Ginger Sangria asap). It mellows out the lime juice and tequila with ease.

Hero Ingredient: This drink is a PSA to start sippin’ on cucumber juice.

Get the recipe for Refreshing Cucumber Lime Margaritas.

Margarita Float_three-ingredient cocktails

Margarita Float from Julie Blanner

Why We Love It: A warm spring/summer evening doesn’t go by without me craving a margarita cool-down. Serve alongside your favorite tacos for maximum impact.

Hero Ingredient: Lime sorbet makes this the most refreshing cocktail EVER.

Get the recipe for Margarita Float.

Cranberry Orange Mimosa_three-ingredient cocktails

Cranberry Orange Mimosa from Crazy for Crust

Why We Love It: Whip up this easy and incredibly delicious mimosa Bellini next time you need to punch up a bit of juice. Make one for yourself or throw together a pitcher for all to enjoy. It couldn’t be easier.

Hero Ingredient: It’s not a party without the Prosecco (or champagne, for that matter).

Get the recipe for Cranberry Orange Mimosa.

White Russian_three-ingredient cocktails

White Russian from Rachel Cooks

Why We Love It: If you’re anything like me, it’s been far too long since the last time you had a white Russian. Indulge in this decadent cocktail next time you’ve got a craving some something truly special.

Hero Ingredient: I have a feeling Lorelai Gilmore would appreciate the coffee liqueur. I certainly do.

Get the recipe for White Russian.

Classic Negroni_three-ingredient cocktails

Classic Negroni from A Beautiful Mess

Why We Love It: One of our favorite three-ingredient cocktails, the classic Negroni never goes out of style. It’s refreshing, nice and strong, and eternally sexy.

Hero Ingredient: While some folks can’t get on board with Campari, I love its bittersweet flavor. Plus, with notes of orange peel, it plays up this drink’s garnish perfectly.

Get the recipe for Classic Negroni.

Lemonade Prosecco Punch_three-ingredient cocktails

Lemonade Prosecco Punch from Crazy for Crust

Why We Love It: How gorgeous is this simple three-ingredient cocktail? It looks and tastes so much fancier than it actually is, making it the perfect option for your next weekend unwind.

Hero Ingredient: Okay, so we might be cheating with this one a little. With garnishes included, technically there’s five ingredients—but that doesn’t mean it isn’t easy to mix up. One of the visual adds that’s key? Frozen blackberries offer a little color and a light, fruity flavor.

Get the recipe for Lemonade Prosecco Punch.

Lemon Sorbet Mimosa_three-ingredient cocktails

Lemon Sorbet Mimosa from Tastes Lovely

Why We Love It: When it comes to brunch, most of us belong to one of two camps: Bloody Mary or mimosa. My vote is always for the latter. Not only are they an elegant addition to any table, but they’re undeniably delicious. Just be mindful—they’re easy to knock back.

Hero Ingredient: The lemon sorbet makes your mimosa slightly slushy and deceivingly indulgent.

Get the recipe for Lemon Sorbet Mimosa.

Mint Julep_three-ingredient cocktails

Mint Julep from Fit Foodie Finds

Why We Love It: While the Kentucky Derby is still more than a month away, you can get ready with this super simple mint julep. Even with a heavy pour of bourbon, this classic cocktail still manages to be deliciously refreshing.

Hero Ingredient: The mint is muddled, mouthwatering, and totally magical.

Get the recipe for Mint Julep.

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