5 Foods a Friend In Need Actually Wants You To Bring Over

Think outside the casserole.

By Hailey Andresen

Whether you’ve just had a baby, gone through a break-up, have been under the weather, or lost a loved one, there’s something sacred in the power of hospitality – not just in the places we dine, but in our own homes too.

Having a friend who is willing to meet you literally where you are and feed you while you stay in your pajamas is something I believe we all could use a little more of in our lives.

In these vulnerable moments, I’ve found there are always people who want to help, but are afraid of imposing or bringing the wrong thing over. Let this post serve as a quick guide to what’s always welcome in my home during these times when we need a little help.

green smoothieimage by Garden in the Kitchen

A nutrient packed breakfast smoothie.

Bringing something healthy over to a friend in a time like this doesn’t always feel quite right, does it? My gut is to bring sweets or alcohol, which of course is always allowed, but a smoothie is a great way to pack in some nutrients without a huge mess. Make any of these before you head over to your friends, grab ingredients to make one at their place or even pick a smoothie up at a local shop. This little beverage always goes a long way for me, it’s incredibly nourishing for a body that might need a boost, and it feels like a treat when you don’t have time to make anything.

Grab all the smoothie recipes you could ever need right here.

image by Ashleigh Amoroso

A one-pot meal that lasts a few days.

There’s something pretty great about cooking these kinds of one-pot meals at home, isn’t there? Maybe it’s the limited dishes, ease of knowing the recipe is pretty much fool-proof or that you’re able to make a large enough quantity that there are always left overs. Either way, I’m all for this as a practical way to give a home-cooked meal that they can continue to enjoy for days.

A few other great recipes to consider:

amazing charcuterie boardimage by apartment 34

A no-cook shared meal.

When our friends are going through transitions, we’re often so concerned with doing something kind that doesn’t put them out in anyway (walking into a not-so-clean house, interrupting their grief, making a mess in their kitchen, etc.) But sometimes, your company is just as much a treat as whatever you’re bringing over! Charcuterie is a go-to for me, because honestly, who doesn’t love a good spread like this? Make sure you’re clear before you come over about spending some time together and once you get the green light, go for it! 

Healthy Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipeimage by Hannah Zahner

A sweet treat with some shelf life.

There’s something so special about baking for the people we love and this chocolate chip banana bread is no exception. A recipe like this is perfect for a number of reasons. I love that it’s something that can be indulged in with coffee in the morning or afternoon or topped with a little ice cream as a dessert at night. It’s bound to be something everyone will love (kids included) and therefore will easily be consumed, leaving minimal waste! This recipe is also great because it’s easy enough to drop off quickly or to bring in an enjoy with your friend. Get a feel for what they want! 

3-ingredient summer cocktail recipesimage by Lark & Linen

Bring the bar in!

While I’m all for picking up a nice bottle of wine for my friends, there’s something extra fun about coming over with cocktail ingredients and playing bartender for them. Depending on your friends comfort level with the changes in their life, they may want to talk things over with some drinks. I find this is absolutely a great way to connect with your friend during this time and depending on their vulnerability and emotional state, they may feel more comfortable doing that at home. Theses three-ingredient recipes are excellent, easy and crowd pleasers! 

What’s your favorite thing to bring friends in times like these? Favorite item to receive?