In a dream world, healthy, nutrient-dense meals would be easily accessible to all. Picking up quinoa, leafy greens, and other superfoods would be as convenient—and affordable—as grabbing a bag of chips on the go or our beloved (if not actually good for you) Smartfood popcorn. But more often than not, the comfort foods we turn to most, whether we’ve just rolled out of bed or are reaching for something to power through the workday, is whatever happens to be, well, there. Knowing how to stock your pantry with clean, healthy foods you’ll truly love is a skill to be mastered, so we happily take any help we can find. Especially if they’re healthy foods on Amazon that we can ship to our doorstep!

So when we came across a recent Domino interview with registered dietitian-nutritionist May Zhu (founder of the Chicago-based blog Nutrition Happens) sharing her health swaps for snacks, salad dressings, and more that can be ordered directly from Amazon, we let out an audible cheer. Healthy grocery shopping from the comfort of your couch? We’ll give a five-star rating to that.

Several items on Zhu’s list of best healthy snacks on Amazon cover the categories that most easily fall prey to junk food temptation. We rounded up some of the tasty standouts below.

Better Breakfast

It’s never fun to hear but it needs to be said: one of the worst things to consume first thing in the morning is sugar (which also happens to be one of the biggest culprits when it comes to aging, sigh). And while we should all treat ourselves to the occasional pastry, having a nutritious baseline stocking your pantry can make mornings that much easier. Plus, Zhu’s healthy Amazon pick, Quaker Overnight Oats, is tasty enough not to feel like a sacrifice. Get started with a variety pack so you can figure out if you’re more of a Blue Banana and Vanilla Bliss person or a Raisin Walnut and Honey Heaven devotee.

Smart Snacking

A lot of snack foods masquerade as being healthy (blame deceptive packaging), so it’s nice to have a nutritionist’s stamp of approval. Zhu’s Amazon choice: Enlightened Bada Bean Crisps. Vegan, gluten-free, low in sugar, and high in plant-based protein, the brand’s ingredients are blessedly simple. Plus, the individually portioned packs come in garlic, sriracha, barbecue, cocoa, and cinnamon, so your snack seshes will always have plenty of variety.

Healthier Salads and Beyond

Despite their highly literal name, most salad dressings end up doubling as condiments or a dip ingredient. To make sure your kitchen hero is free of the sugars that often define the category, Zhu recommends the brand Primal Kitchen, which uses pure avocado oil in its dressings for a healthier base filled with all the good fats.

The All-Rounder

We love an easy, Amazon-sourced ingredient that makes our healthy snacks and dishes work even harder. BetterBody’s organic chia seeds offer a gluten-free nutrient powerhouse and a great source of fiber to help keep your gut microbiome happy. Zhu suggests sprinkling them into smoothies, yogurts, and even oatmeal—this chia pudding recipe is the perfect start to the day!  

Visit for the full list of nutritionist-cosigned Amazon finds.

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