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20 Best Fireplace Designs

September 28th, 2017

When I was given the seasonal assignment to round up the 10 best fireplaces, I panicked for a moment (as I do with all last minute stories). Then I remembered that I’m obsessed with fireplaces, and literally have hundreds saved on my pinterest boards. (ha!) So the 10 best fireplaces quickly became the 20. Even though I live in summer-all-year Austin, the first thing I did when I bought my condo was to design and build a large fireplace for the living room. Nothing gives a room a friendly center of energy quite like a fireplace does. I’m also a fan of them in unexpected places like kitchens and bathrooms as well. Modern, rustic, gothic, southwest, victorian, mid-century, every style you can think of. I love them all. Scroll through and let me know: which style is your favorite?

all images sourced via jenn rose smith’s pinterest boards

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  1. Diana Lopes says:

    I simply love fireplaces, the bigger the better. I love these design styles! I wish I could have one on each room! LOL

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