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5 Amazing Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

October 13th, 2015

Let’s face it, some things are just better in pairs. Halloween costumes are somehow funnier, more attention-getting, and just plain more fun to wear with a partner. We put our heads together this year to come up with five new couples’ costume ideas to rock this year with a friend (or significant other) on Halloween night. Whether you’re headed to a crazy party this year or handing out candy at home, these five couples’ costume ideas are definitely double the fun!

photographed by jessica attie

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  1. These are such clever costume ideas for couples! Love the safari one for those who want to dress up their pets.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Best costumes ever! Love them all, but I’m a huge fan of the baseball girls 🙂

  3. Andrea says:

    Love love love the special guest in the safari pics!

  4. Kelly Colchin says:

    “The Dress” is my favorite. I mean, that’s hilarious!

  5. diane smith says:

    Wow! You really hit this one out of the park. The baseball costumes are amazingly fun.
    All the costumes are so clever… and that kissing sailor pose is my favorite. Great touch with
    the ticker-tape flying, too.

  6. Nicole Locke says:

    LOVE the kissing sailor costumes. Doing it next year for sure!

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