Camille Styles

Do You Know the Names of These Fall Flowers?

October 11th, 2017

If there’s one workday errand I always love, it’s being the one who gets to drive over to Austin Flower Company and pick out flowers for a shoot. So when Camille had the idea for us to create a simple guide to fall flowers, I jumped at the chance to oversee the project. I knew the sweet guys at Austin Flower would be able to help me pick out the prettiest seasonal flowers, and they didn’t let me down with this gorgeous sample of autumnal colors. While this guide is in no way comprehensive, it’s a great starting place for putting together a floral arrangement perfect for a fall wedding or event.

photographed by kate zimmerman

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  1. Carmen Collins says:

    Love this! I still can’t believe how much those cosmos actually smelled like chocolate

  2. Eileen Sim says:

    Wow I might have to try to grow the chocolate cosmos next year! Can’t imagine a flower that smells like chocolate.

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