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An Architect’s Mid-Century Dallas Oasis

October 5th, 2018

If you caught my guest house renovation last week, you may already be familiar with the work of Dallas-based architect and designer, Scott Parks. IRL, Scott is someone I’ve turned to for years for design advice and style inspiration, and with that in mind, I had no hesitation asking to run photos of his apartment here on Camille Styles sight unseen. Not surprisingly, when I finally did get to peek at the space, I discovered a thoughtful, sophisticated and totally personal home. Besides for making you want to kick back and stay a while, a tour through Scott’s apartment serves as a lesson in harmony: neutrals and color, designer and DIY, vintage and new — they all coexist to create a place that’s perfectly, unabashedly Scott Parks.

photography by Stephen Karlisch

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  1. Lauren Carlson says:

    This home is so perfectly Scott. I am in love with every space! Now, I hope he won’t be offended if I just try to copy and paste for my own space 🙂

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