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Celine & Justin’s Colorful Midcentury Home

May 12th, 2015

photographed by nicole mlakar • celine would like to thank boozer construction and articulated design for work on her home

Celine and Justin are my favorite kind of people — absolutely uncategorizable. Sure, they’re both busy being successful physicians, but why should that stop them from being top-notch decorators with impeccable taste for vintage design as well? When these two aren’t saving lives, they’re usually tinkering with the next big home renovation project (Storage shed converted to pool house? Done. Rooftop bar with ivy walls? Check. Airstream trailer painted to match the main house? Obvi.) Celine chronicles the ongoing renovations on her blog Aquahaus, and ever since we stopped by the Ord’s place back in October for a progressive dinner party we’ve been dying to come back for the full tour. Prepare yourself for a big dose of house envy and follow our orders precisely: take two trips through the entire slideshow, and one more at breakfast tomorrow.

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  1. Chanel Dror says:

    Celine has such a knack for mixing and matching color and pattern! Thoroughly impressed.

  2. I’m exceptionally jealous! What a great place!

  3. They are the coolest! What a gorgeous home. Lets be friends ! 😉

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