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Justina Blakeney’s LA Home Is Everything We Hoped It Would Be

August 27th, 2018

You know you’re doing something right when you’ve successfully managed to invent a commonly used household word. For most, artist, designer and author Justina Blakeney needs no introduction, and the term she’s coined, Jungalow, hardly needs definition. From best-selling books to even better-selling product lines, Justina has stamped the modern design world with her globally-inspired aesthetic and signature plant-filled interiors. In fact, some might argue that Justina is singlehandedly responsible for the indoor plant craze we’re all living in right now!

There’s no better example of what the Jungalow brand stands for than within the walls of Justina’s own LA home, which is everything we’d expect from the tastemaker, and more. It’s colorful, it’s inspiring, it’s completely jungalicious.

photography by Justina Blakeney unless noted otherwise

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  1. Aseya says:

    She is the queen! I love her tip about keeping things organized to cut down on feeling cluttered.

  2. Karin Pereira says:

    I absolutely adore her and the love her books. I use her Bohemian approach in my house and feel confident about my choices. Great article again from you gals. Fresh and Happy!

  3. Duck life says:

    I am quite impressed with your house, it is full of life, the plants you decorate are beautiful and eye catching.

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